Heroes Who Get Buff On Patch 1.4.06 Mobile Legends

Patch 1.4.06 that was present yesterday resolved some of the problems that exist in Mobile Legends today. The most obvious is the new Heroes' OP, X.Borg and Lylia. In addition, the weakness of some of the Hero Fighter lately is also an important note.

Heroes Who Get Buff On Patch 1.4.06 Mobile Legends

Buff in update 1.4.06 can be the answer to adjust strength. This adjustment feels very appropriate for some Hero Tanks and Fighter who are increasingly being eroded by the power of new heroes.

In this paper, I will list the buffs on the 1.4.06 Mobile Legends patch update. Please refer to the following description.

1. Tigreal

Tigreal becomes the first hero to get a buff. Increased strength can be found in the Attack Wave and Sacred Hammer skills. Now, the duration of the Attack Wave cooldown has been reduced from 9.5 / 8.5 / 7.5 / 6.5 / 5.5 / 4.5 to 8 / 7.3 / 6 / 5.9 / 5.2 / 4, 5 In addition, which is needed for Attack Wave to 50 for each level.

On the other hand, the Sacred Hammer skill also gets a buff in the form of a reduction in consumption where needed. Now, the Sacred Hammer skill only requires 20 mana for each skill level.

Analysis: The adjustment (buff) obtained by Tigreal is very small. Because the buff only affects the consumption of mana and cooldown skills. Both are not the main thing for a Tigreal. Thus, the buff is predicted not to be able to significantly improve Tigreal's battle performance.

2. Badang

Badang also got buff this time. A fighter who has a fairly high level of Burst Damage gets a buff for his Fist Break skill. This skill makes Badang can prevent the direction of movement of enemies with the wall.

Now, the Fist Break skill gets a 30% reduction in cooldown duration, if it doesn't hit the opponent.

Analysis: Buff received by Badang is quite good in battle conditions. The reason is, with a reduction in cooldown duration of 30%, Badang can be more free to block and capture his enemies on the battlefield. Although predicted not significant enough, the buff is quite helpful for Badang.

3. Hylos

This pretty forgotten Hero Tank gets a buff. The Buff Hylos gets on the Ring of Punishment skill. Skill areas that are often the mainstay for Hylos. Now, which use of these two skills has been reduced from 30/60/90/120/150/180 to 30/40/60/90/120/150.

Analysis: Reducing mana consumption on the Ring of Punishment skill is predicted to help Hylos a little on the battlefield. The reason is, which reduction will have an accumulative impact every second for as long as the Ring of Punishment is used. Thus, the Ring of Punishment can be used longer and produce higher damage than before.

4. Odette

Odette is the only Mage who has a buff in the 1.4.06 update. Heroes who rely on the area's attack ability get a buff on the Blue Nova skill. Now, skills that can split and bind the enemy get increased damage by 50 points.

Analysis: Increasing damage from Blue Nova skills is not significant enough to increase Odette's attack power. Because increasing damage by 50 points is quite small for an Odette. In addition, the Blue Nova skill actually requires an increase in stun duration rather than an increase in damage.

5. Argus

Argus became one of the Hero Fighter who also gained strength in this update. The buff obtained is in the Meteoric Sword skill and the basic status of Argus.

In the Meteoric Sword skill, the damage generated will increase by 100 points for each level. In addition, on a basic status, the Physical Attack bonus is increased to 1.3.

Analysis: Increasing damage to the Meteoric Sword skill by 100 points is not an increase that can be underestimated. Now, the damage that results from the Meteoric Sword will be very large and dangerous for enemies dealing with Argus. In addition, increasing Physical Attack to 1.3 also increases the attack power of Argus on patch 1.4.06.

6. Irithel

Irithel is the only Marksman to get a buff on patch 1.4.06. He got the Buff on the Heavy Crossbow skill.

Now, the ultimate skill changes bonus damage to base damage. Additionally, the Heavy Crossbow skill can now deal 80-130 Physical Damage (+ 120% Physical Attack).

Analysis: Increased damage to the ultimate skill is quite significant for Irithel. Because the damage is the main key for a Marksman in eliminating his enemies quickly. With much greater damage achieved, did not rule out the possibility, if Irithel can become one of the favorite heroes in this patch.

7. Bane

Bane became the last Hero to get a buff on patch 1.4.06. The Buff that Bane gets lies in the Deadly Catch skill. The ultimate skill allows Bane to attack with waves sweeping in the specified direction.

Buff that is obtained on the skill in the form of increased damage to the turret. Now, Damage to the turret is increased to 40% from 25% previously.

Analysis: An increase in damage to the turret will certainly be a unique attack force for Bane. This increase makes Bane able to deal more damage to the turret than before. However, in practice, using Deadly Catch skills for turrets is not effective. Thus, the predicted increase in damage to the turret will not have a significant impact.


Broadly speaking, buffs on the 1.4.06 update are often found on Hero Fighter. On the other hand, Hero Marksman and Mage didn't get many buffs this time.

Different from nerf, the buff on patch 1.4.06 is predicted not to provide a significant increase in strength to the Hero who gets it. Because this time the buff is fairly minor and has very little influence in the fight.