Heroes who get Nerf on Patch 1.3.96

To balance the game, Moonton applies buff and nerf adjustments to Mobile Legends heroes. After previously discussing the row of heroes that can be buffed, I will now discuss the Hero who is affected by the update patch 1.3.96.

Heroes who get Nerf on Patch 1.3.96

Who are the heroes who are less fortunate in this update? Check directly the explanation and analysis of the meta in the discussion below!

1. Kaja

Kaja is exposed to a reduction in power on skill 1 (Ring of Order). Now, the damage generated by the Ring of Order has been reduced to 110+ skill levels x 40. Previously, the skill had damage to 150+ skill levels x 30.

When a skill is at level 1 or 2, then the total damage from that skill will be much smaller than before. However, when the skill is at level 4 or more, the damage produced will be far greater than before.

Analysis: Reducing the damage from the Ring of Order skill is arguably the right step to advance Kaja's attack power at the beginning of the game.

Because, before the Ring of Order has high damage and slow effects that are dangerous enough to repay enemy blood at the beginning of the game. With these adjustments, Kaja has the potential to play more passively at the beginning of the game.

2. Claude

Claude also experienced a decrease in power which changed the mechanism of the Battle Mirror Image skill. In patch 1.3.96, there is an additional duration of the second transfer delay.

After changing positions with Dexter, now Claude must wait for three seconds to return to the starting position. In the previous patch, Dexter only needed to wait for two seconds to switch positions again.

Analysis: The momentum of the move could be the key to Claude's game. If he has moved, Claude may fail to escape from a dangerous position or fail to capture and kill enemies. Even though it only increases by one second, the impact can be large depending on the existing game conditions.

However, overall, this nerf received by Claude is minor. So, it won't change much of Claude's fighting style.

3. Leomord

The Nerf received by Leomord is when he rides Barbiel with the ultimate skill (Phantom Steed). Now, when he waits for Barbiel, the effect of increasing the speed of motion will not immediately appear.

It takes a second or two to get the increased speed of movement. So, when he was just riding Barbiel, Leomord would not be able to immediately pursue the enemy and move swiftly.

Analysis: Adjusting the momentum in the nerf received by Leomord becomes very important. Because the speed of motion is one of the keys to Leomord's attack power. With fast movements, Leomord will very easily capture and kill enemies.

To anticipate the nerf received by Leomord, we can summon and ride Barbiel right before the team battle will take place. However, the tactic must give up the damage done when Barbiel ran into an enemy towards Leomord.

4. Harith

Harith is indeed known as a Mage who has terrible abilities. As proof, the petite Mage often becomes a Hero who will be banned in the competitive title.

His ability which is difficult to anticipate must be compensated with the new nerf he just got. On patch 1.3.96, Harith again experienced a decrease in an increase in an attempt to equalize his strength with other meta heroes.

Harith received a decrease in strength occurred in two skills, the Key Insight (passive) and Syncro Fission. In the Key Insight skill, the resilience effect obtained by Harith will be reduced to 60% from 70%. Meanwhile, in the Syncro Fission skill, the length of the skill range is shortened by 10%.

Analysis: Harith's reduction in patch 1.3.96 is quite significant. With resilience achieved by 10%, Harrith will be hard to move and very easy to lock during the battle due to crowd-control effects.

On the other hand, the shorter reach of the Syncro Fission skill will make it more difficult for Harrith to position the direction of the skill and force it to get closer to the enemy.

5. Chou

Chou got a significant nerf. This Hero Fighter gets nerf on the Jeet Kune Do. skill.

Now, Jeet Kune Do no longer has a slow effect on the first two phases of attack. Because of that nerf, Jeet Kune Do can now only be relied upon to give a knock-up effect to the enemy.

Analysis: The loss of the slow effect of the Jeet Kune Do skill is quite significant on Chou's performance. A hero who is often used to initiate often has to rely on the Jeet Kune Do skill in order to reach enemies easily.

With the loss of the slow effect, the enemy will have the potential to anticipate the movements of the Chou. The impact of these conditions makes it harder for Chou to lock in enemy positions and kick The Way of the Dragon in the right direction.

6. Lunox

Aside from Harith, Lunox becomes a Hero Mage that must be affected by nerf. On patch 1.3.96, Lunox's movement speed was reduced to 240 from 250. Additionally, the speed of movement of the Power of Chaos: Darkening skill was also reduced.

Analysis: The Nerf experienced by Lunox lies in the speed of its motion. With movements that are not as fast as before, Lunox will be very difficult to play aggressively.

In addition, Lunox will also be very inconvenient to catch up and reach out to the enemy to do the Chaos Assault spam skill. However, these deficiencies can still be overcome by positioning the Lunox adjacent to the enemy.

Broadly speaking, the impact of the nerf is fairly situational and will not even significantly interfere with the tempo of the Lunox game.

7. Diggie

Diggie is one of the Hero Support that is shining lately. Since being revamped, Diggie has excellent attack and support capabilities in the battle area.

On patch 1.3.96, Diggie must be hit by a Time Bomb skill. Now, the charge duration of the Time Bomb skill is increased to 11 seconds from 10 seconds.

Analysis: Increasing the charge duration of the Time Bomb skill makes Diggie need additional time to get the throw stock.

Although it will not be too significant, increasing the duration will make it very difficult for Diggie to check in the bush area or enemy forest area.

Broadly speaking, the nerf experienced by Diggie tends not to have too much impact on Diggie's performance.


Broadly speaking, the nerf in patch 1.3.96 did not have a significant impact. Although there has been some decrease in strength in the seven Heroes above, the decline is still at a reasonable level and will not significantly affect the Hero's performance.

However, in detail, there are some nerds that might be very detrimental to the situation, such as a decrease in the speed of Lunox's movement or the loss of Claude's momentum to move quickly.