Interesting Facts PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead, More Horrifying

PUBG currently provides a number of variations of game modes that are very exciting to play. Two of them are zombie mode from the collaboration of Resident Evil and team deathmatch (TDM) mode.

Now, PUBG has announced a number of further developments that will make you curious again about this game. This update is in the form of collaboration with famous zombie films.

Interesting Facts PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead, More Horrifying

Especially if it's not The Walking Dead? Intrigued by the interesting facts behind this latest collaboration? Come, see the following complete information!

Interesting Facts PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aka PUBG is a battle royale game that is very famous and has been played by millions of people around the world.

This game always provides a variety of the latest updates that make the game more fresh and fun to play alone or with friends.

Previously, PUBG has collaborated with various well-known franchises such as the legendary zombie game Resident Evil and Godzilla, as well as added game modes.

The PUBG x Resident Evil collaboration seems to be a success and many people like this game mode. You can fight against enemies while surviving against ferocious zombies.

This time, PUBG released a new update that will make the game more exciting and interesting for players who have not been active in the game for a long time.

One update is a collaboration with a zombie-themed horror film series from AMC, The Walking Dead. Come on, see interesting facts about the latest updates below:

1. Second Zombie PUBG Project

The PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead collaboration is the second PUBG project involving a game with a zombie theme.

Previously, PUBG had collaborated with Resident Evil 2 in the game.

A new game mode was launched on February 19, 2019, entitled 'Survive Till Dawn', this update was accompanied by a Darkest Hour mode that can be played alone or with a team.

After successfully providing a fresh playing style, PUBG is now collaborating with a TV series, The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, what updates will be given has not been officially announced.

You can see a brief snapshot of this latest update, in the video seen a compass that is near the head protector and stranded on a beach.

Then, the zombie shadow appears and the teaser stops there. What do you think of the playing style later?

2. Announced at the 2019 PMCO Event

The PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 event not only contains a number of matches but also an announcement of the latest PUBG update at the end of 2019.

Hosted by PUBG Mobile's Global General Manager, Vincent Wang, who mentioned that PUBG was in collaboration with AMC's TV series, The Walking Dead.

Wang did not mention anything about this game. However, like the previous collaboration, Jaka hopes there will be a variety of new game modes and smaller skins.

Do not forget the various famous characters of The Walking Dead which is likely to appear as a special skin edition of The Walking Dead.

In addition to the collaboration announcement, Wang also mentioned the latest updates from PUBG such as PUBG Mobile Lite and the latest server in South Africa.

3. Visual Erangel Development

Next is the development of the Erangel map with a better design than before. Updates that have previously been released for the PC version of PUBG, will now also be present in the mobile version.

This latest map is called Erangel 2.0. There are several well-known locations in Erangel that got changed. Among these locations are Mylta Power, Prison, Yasnaya Polyana, and many more.

This latest Erangel will be equipped with taller grass so that it makes it easier for players to hide among the grass.

4. Coming Soon This Year

After all the updates were announced by Vincent Wang at the 2019 PMCO event, he said this update would be launched soon in 2019.

So, you will find the latest Erangel map update and PUBG collaboration with The Walking Dead this year. Are you ready to play again?