Knights Chronicle Add Awaken to Karen

In June, Netmarble held an event to celebrate the first anniversary of one of the games, the Knights Chronicle. At the event, players can Awaken two Heroes, namely Electra and Edwin. In addition, new characters and new Awaken passive skills have been added to the birthday event.


After presenting Awaken to Electra and Edwin, there is another HeroKnights Chronicle that will get Awaken. Through the latest update, Netmarble now brings Awaken to one of Hero's supports, namely Karen. Through this Awaken, Karen who is a Water-type support hero will get a new passive skill.

Karen also gained a leader skill, which was to give a 20% HP Recovery Amount buff to Water and Light Ally types. After Awaken, Karen received additional passive skills which allowed her to recover 10% of Ally with the lowest HP for a certain amount of time.

In addition to presenting Awaken to Karen, the Knights Chronicle also presents new heroes, Eurora and Baskerville. Eurora can be summoned using the Advent Event Ticket which you can get through Erandel Advent Dungeon. Another hero, Baskerville, can be found at the Guild Shop. Players can adventure in the Erandel Advent Dungeon starting August 28, 2019.

Through the latest update, you can now adjust the number of Auto-Repeat uses when repeating a stage that has been completed. Then, there is an update at the Guild Shop that allows players to access the SSR Hero Ticket.

For those of you who have never played before, Knights Chronicle is a turn-based RPG inspired by beautiful Japanese animation. This game also presents an interesting story with standards of quality that are equivalent to console and PC games.

You will also find a variety of prominent features in this game, including party games that take place in real-time. You can form a party of five to fight in the Dungeon. Then, you can watch 3D animations with detailed visuals and more than 100 heroes for you to choose from.