Lineage2 Revolution Will Present The Latest Race, Kamael

In September last year, Netmarble gave a surprise by presenting a new race in Lineage2 Revolution. Orc, the name of the race that was released at that time was the fifth race that started from Lv. 180. With this race, players can choose between Warrior, Rogue, and Mage.


Nearly a year after the Orc race was released, Netmarble will again bring surprises to its fans. Netmarble announced their plans to release a major update on Lineage2 Revolution. Through this update, Netmarble will present the latest race named Kamael, which comes with a unique Class mechanism.

Before the big update was released, you can now pre-register the latest update on the official Lineage2 Revolution website. For those who join the pre-registration, you will get Enhancement Scroll +30 when the update is released later. In addition to getting access to pre-registration, you can also get information about schedules and updates on the official website.

Kamael is the sixth race to appear on Lineage2 Revolution after the Orc race was released in September last year. Kamael is told as a combat weapon created by a giant to fight the gods. They absorb living souls and use them to fight.

Kamael has features that are different from other races. The Warrior class of the Kamael race uses Ancient Sword, the Rogue Class uses the Crossbow, and the Mystic Class uses the rapier to attack in close combat.

In addition to presenting a new race, this update will also introduce a new system. This system, known as Dual Class, allows you to play different classes with the main characters you have. You will also get additional new servers. By playing on a new server, you can get an abundant reward.

Once this big update is released, you can participate in various in-game events. Events that will be held include a Level-Up Boosting event or an event with prizes of three Full Set Grade UR Equipment which is the highest grade in the game.