List of Hero Counter Dyrroth in Mobile Legend

The Land of Dawn was recently stirred by the arrival of the latest hero named Dyrroth. Yes, the hero nicknamed the Dark Lord is present as a very agile role fighter like assassins in various lanes. Then, who are the Dyrroth hero counter lists?

 List of Hero Counter Dyrroth in Mobile Legend

Finally, other hero users in Mobile Legends must rack their brains to conquer Dyrroth.

You don't need to be dizzy or scared anymore. Skyegrid Media will provide a list of Dyrroth's hero counters in Mobile Legends. Come see below.

1. Helcurt

This hero with assassins seems to be called a counter hero in Mobile Legends. Yes, that's because Helcurt has many extraordinary advantages.

Starting from large damage, until the silence that makes the opponent's hero, especially Dyrroth not dare to deal directly with him. 

Its speed and ultimate that lock the opposing team's movements can be used as a very short killer. With the only Blade of Despairs, he was able to provide terrible damage penetration.

When 1v1 against Dyrroth too, this hero can easily blink and cannot be captured. Hey, who have you tried?

2. Nana

This little girl is one of the most hated heroes by most other hero users. Nana has a disabled effect skill, which makes other heroes unable to do anything if hit by her 2 and Passive Skills.

With Skill 2 alone, Nana is able to turn Dyrroth into a helpless penguin, so you can gank easily.

The key, pay attention to the position of laying Skills 2 and supervise the movement of Dyrroth with Ultimate will certainly make it dizzy instead of playing.

3. Lunox

This witch with the power of Dark & ​​Light can also easily uproot a very powerful Dyrroth. With its Ultimate Light, Dyrroth can only chase Lunox and can't touch a single bit.

In addition, the Ultimate Dark conversion is also easily bulldozed Dyrroth which certainly has no physical protection, especially magical.

You have to provoke Dyrroth first, then when he issues his new ultimate, attack immediately using Skill 3 to bulldoze it.

4. Johnson

Why is this Tank hero on the list? Because Johnson is the only Tank that can deal great damage with a terrible CC from Ultimate when it crashes into enemy heroes.

In addition, Johnsonn's unique system and personification can make the more Deff he has, the more damage he will do will be very useful and make Dyrroth sluggish.

5. Ruby

Fighter fought against fellow Fighter will certainly produce an exciting fight right? Ruby is one of the strongest contestants.

With speed, status and configuration capabilities that are almost similar must make Dyrroth a step ahead. However, if Ruby had used her Passive, who would dare to face her? 1 v 5 can be won easily.

The key is to make sure that the manifest has been made from an item, then you can deal with Dyrroth.