List of heroes that match Duet with X.Borg, Auto Win!

In early August 2019, Moonton released a new hero that was very over power (OP) in Mobile Legends , namely hero X.Borg. Yes, he has a very deadly Burst Damage and has officially taken the floor on the Public Server.

 List of heroes that match Duet with X.Borg, Auto Win!

X.Borg appears to be a frightening specter for other hero users. As a result, X.Borg becomes a banned hero subscription classified as a Match Match.

Although X.Borg is able to stand tall without the help of other heroes, in fact the potential for a deadly combination can be created by matching heroes that fit him.

Well, here I show a list of Mobile Legends heroes that match duet with X.Borg and guaranteed auto GG and auto win !

1. Johnson

This one deadly tanker seems to be able to be used in combination with all the heroes in Mobile Legends . Extraordinary speed combined with a very hard defense makes Johnson increasingly hotly contested in the Draft Pick various regular and Tourney matches.

Johnson also has a Stun that comes out when he collides with a group of opposing heroes who are gathering and makes X.Borg can easily issue his Last Insanity properly.

If there is still a hero who survives the explosion, Johnsonn can easily prevent it by releasing his skill 1 for the Stun effect on opponents who want to escape. The key is the timing and Ultimate driving technique to find the opposing team's position.

2. Vale

This one mage still seems to be rarely used both Classic and Ranking , because it is difficult to control his skills. Even though Vale's skills are fairly complete because they consist of effect skills, damage skills and good Crowd Control skills .

The combination of X.Borg and Vale is a Meta that is not yet used by most Mobile Legends players . The key is timing to make enemies Knocked Up ( Stun ) with skill 2, then X.Borg can appear and immediately blow himself up. Make sure most of the opponent's heroes are hit by S tun first, then release the robot's Ultimate man.

3. Terrizla

Hero Fighter with a sturdy body in dark green color seems to be an option to be combined with X.Borg.

There are two advantages that can be with the combination of Terrizla with X.Borg. The first is to be able to maximize Build Fighter to deal Burst Damage to the opposing team.

And secondly, Ultimate as Lockers to prevent enemies from escaping. With a rope that appears as if the enemy is bound, you can maximize this point by looking for enemies that are clustered with X.Borg.

Of course, Burst Damage and Locking produced by Ultimate makes X.Borg easily in eliminating opponents and save time to do Push Turret.

4. Ruby

Who says Ruby doesn't sell as a support hero ? You are wrong, guys. With fast mobility, above normal body endurance and the powerful Crowd Control skill made Ruby was born as the best Queen of Stun in Mobile Legends.

By using the Ultimate , you can sweep five people at once exposed to his Stun for 1-2 seconds. During this time, you are required to appear at the right time to blow yourself up.

The key is to always pay attention to the mini map with the opposing positions, mark the opponent's core heroes such as MM Fighter Mage to be eliminated first when Gank Fight and wait for enemies in strategic places so that you are easy to catch them.

Examples of strategic places are the surroundings of the Lane Lord or Turtle and Buff Lane belonging to the opponent are two of the many places that are very strategic to finish off the hero heroes. Use the Item Tank to make it easier for Ruby to survive.

5. Harith

Many readers ask why putting a Mage hero attached to the preposition of Killer and not Support huh? Wait and see the reason why it can be used as a combination of X.Borg.

The reason is that the damage Harith has done is quite large and is able to provide a shock effect to the opposing team. In addition, you can use the Ultimate to lock the movements of the opposing team that can barely move with its deadly anchor.

Then you can blow up Last Insanity to the opposing heroes. In addition to Team Fight , Harith is a protector of X.Borg when he loses his robot and goes into Armorless mode which apparently weakens him.

With Absorb active every time he issues a skill, Harith becomes a complete package as a combo and protector of X.Borg in various lanes.