List of the Most Deadly Marksmen in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends fans would already know that the Marksman role has an important role and is the key to victory in the team. Yes, this role can do major damage to the team. Then, who is the deadliest Marksman in Mobile Legends?

List of the Most Deadly Marksmen in Mobile Legends

Well, that's why you shouldn't just randomly choose Marksman in a team. In addition, you also have to be careful if this Marksman hero is chosen by the opposing team.

This time I will list the 3 deadliest Marksmen in Mobile Legends.

1. Granger

The first terrible Hero Marksman is Granger. Yes, this hero has a Burst Damage that is feared by other heroes in the Early Game. Not to mention the agility in the game.

Granger has skill 2 which makes it difficult to be pursued by opponents. Not only that, but he also has the Ultimate skill that can be issued very far.

2. Claude

Next is Claude. This Marksman is terrible in Middle and Late Games.

Yes, he is known to have a very painful DPS when he already has Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff items. In addition, the Ultimate skill can kill five enemies at once with Area of ​​Effect.

Another reason that made Claude so feared was that he had Movement Speed.

3. Kimmy

The last deadly Marksman is Kimmy. Yes, he has Basic Attack even though it's only in Early Game.

Kimmy also has the ability to rotate farming fast and can master the team's enemy Monsters and enemies.