Masha, Bear Man with Three Lives

Hero Fighter seems to be a meta in Mobile Legends. This is not without reason. Because Moonton released a new Hero Fighter on a trial server called Masha.

Masha, Bear Man with Three Lives

Sound familiar? the name of this Hero might remind you of the story of Masha and the Bear, a popular children's cartoon from Russia. Whether accidental or intentional, both have a connection with the bear in the story.

Not just the name similarity, Masha is also interesting to discuss thanks to her unique abilities such as three "lives" and extra skills. Curious about her story and abilities? Let's see the review below!

Masha is told as a young warrior from Nost Gal (the place of origin of Franco and Aurora) who was awarded a miracle to talk to bears. With his strength, he managed to mediate the conflict between Nost Gal and the bears who have strong magic power.

The conflict was started by the Nost Gal who ambition to get the magic power of the bears. For this reason, the Nost Gal warriors slaughtered the bears so that the Bear King declared war.

Masha Mobile Legends

Masha was faced with a dilemma. On the one hand, he knew his people were wrong, but he also didn't want the Bear King to use his magic power to kill the Nost Gal.

For this reason, Masha uses her special abilities to invite the Bear King duel. He also succeeded in defeating the king so that he was respected by the two warring parties. Nost Gal and the bears returned to live in peace.

Passive Skill - Ancient Strength

Thanks to the ancestral power he got from Bear King, Masha had three stacked HP Bars. Every loss of one bar, he will be immune to damage. However, he would really die if all of the HP Bars had been used up.

In addition, Masha will also get a 10% Lifesteal bonus for every single bar that runs out. That is, he will get a 20% Lifesteal bonus if he has only one HP Bar.

He will also get 80% Resilience (reduction in duration of crowd control) when his HP Bar is only one.

Analysis: Masha's unique source of strength can be said to come from the passive ability which makes it capable of keeping off lane alone.

Although unique, the way it works is no different from conventional HP mechanisms. The only difference is in the ability that each HP Bar runs out. The existence of three HP Bars does not necessarily make it very heavy like a Hero Tank.

As quoted from @mobilelegendsverum, each Masha's HP Bar at level 15 without items and emblems is 2368. If multiplied by three, it means that the number of Max Masha's HP is 7104. Not much different from Balmond, Hero Fighter with the highest HP Pool, which is Max's number The cellphone is 6280.

The most "GG" ability of this passive skill can be said to exist in the Resilience effect and an extra 20% Lifesteal when the HP Bar is left with one remaining. This will make Masha really heard when dying.

Skill 1 - Howl Shock

Masha roared and released a surge of energy towards the enemy. The attack deals Physical Damage of 200-300 points (+ 100% Total Physical Attack) and a slow effect of 40% for 2 seconds to the enemy.

Enemy heroes who are hit by this attack will be disarmed, then hit by the Disarm effect (cannot attack using Basic Attack) for two seconds. However, this effect can be canceled if the enemy Hero takes the "fallen" weapon.

Analysis: Seeing the small damage, this skill has more role to harass the enemy. Even so, the Disarm effect can be an advantage for Masha against heroes who depend on Basic Attacks such as Badang, Claude, Karrie, Kimmy, and Dyrroth.

Skill 2 - Wild Power

Masha awakens hidden power to increase Basic Attack equal to 3.5% -6% enemy Max HP and Movement Speed ​​by 20% -35%. However, Masha will lose 1.5% of his HP every 1 second while the skill is active.

For the record, this skill mechanism is the same as skill 1 Hanabi and Kimmy. That is, you can as you wish to activate or deactivate it.

Analysis: An ability that will greatly help Masha to face his enemy in battle. However, you must be aware of the "side effects" of this skill.

Because losing 1.5% of HP every second is quite dangerous. Not to mention the damage from incoming enemies. For this reason, you must ensure that you have Lifesteal and Attack Speed ​​items in order to survive while fighting.

The ultimate skill - Thunderclap

Masha attacks by crashing into an enemy Hero. This attack will deal damage equivalent to 15% -25% (+ 100% Total Physical Attack) Max enemy Hero. Thunderclap also slows enemy movements by 90% for 1 second.

This attack has side effects for Masha. After attacking, his current HP will be reduced by 50% (one stack of HP Bar).

Analysis: Again skills that have side effects for Masha which means you have to be really calculating when attacking. Especially when there is only one HP Bar left. That's why using this skill while dying is a reckless thing.

In these conditions, it will be very dangerous to use this skill because half of your HP Bar will run out. You can only rely on Basic Attack to attack the enemy.

Special Skill - Life Recovery

Masha uses all of her energy to recover 80% of HP according to her current HP Bar. The energy can be filled by attacking enemies.

However, this skill cannot be used when fighting and can only be activated after a few seconds of retreating from battle. This skill also cannot be used when the HP Bar is still full (three bars).

Analysis: this ability is mentioned above as Masha's extra skill. Literally, it means he has four skills, just like Zhask and Lunox.

This ability is fairly frustrating for enemy heroes, especially for those who are of the lane. This ability also makes it unnecessary to go back and forth to the base to restore blood. Just by stepping back for a moment, his blood will be filled again with this skill.

Fortunately, this ability cannot be activated while fighting. If it's not like this, Masha will become very OP.


As a Hero Fighter with good endurance, Masha has the opportunity to enter as a meta that is currently being controlled by her class. The damage is also fairly large. However, the condition can only be obtained by sacrificing himself.

Therefore, it can be predicted that he will be a hero who is very annoying if his users understand their abilities well. Conversely, using it wrong also means that it will be a burden in battle.

The bad news, Masha was withdrawn from the trial server when this article was published (7/15). So, your intention to try it must be withheld until the next update on Thursday or Friday.