Masha Skill List, New Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends

Moonton will release a hero again on Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Yes, after the presence of Lylia's hero, this time there is a new ferocious hero ready to be launched. He is Masha the Winter Guard. Then, what are Masha's skill lists?

Masha Skill List, New Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends

Hero Masha will be launched on Advance Server on July 11, 2019, and will soon be available on the main server to be played by Mobile Legends players.

Well, this time I will discuss Masha's skill list, a Tank Fighter hero. Come, see below:

1. Ancient Strength (Passive)

This is a gift of extraordinary ability from Moonton to Masha because, with his passive ability, he can have 3x the HP Bar.

Yes, you did not misread, Masha is equipped with the HP and physical abilities that are very resilient compared to other Fighter heroes.

 Every time he loses 1 HP Bar, Masha can withstand damage once. Masha will die when she loses her last HP bar. Every time Masha loses 1% HP, her Attack Speed ​​increases by 1.2% and she will get 10% Physical Lifesteal.

2. Howl Shock (Skill 1 / CC)

Masha roars forward and releases Energy Shock to the target, dealing 200 (+ 100% Extra Physical ATK) Physical Damage and causing a Slow effect of 40% to the opponent's hero it engages.

Not until here, if an enemy hero is hit by this attack will get the Disarm effect.
What is Disarm? almost similar to the Silence effect, but the opponent's hero can not do Basic Attack to the opponent and can only use any skill when hit by this effect.

3. Wild Power (Skill 2 / Buff)

Masha can build his Wild Power, increasing his Movement Speed ​​by 20% and deal physical damage equal to 3.5% of the maximum HP target with basic attacks.

Every time Masha uses her skills and runs her basic attacks, she loses her HP and deals damage with calculations (3.5% / 4% / 4.5% / 5% / 5.5% / 6%) on each level and increases the additional Movement Speed ​​on each level (20% / 23% / 26% / 29% / 32% / 35%).

4. Thunder Clap (Skill 3)

Masha launches Powerful Charge after reducing 50% of his HP. He will issue a Thunderclap that deals Physical Damage equal to 15% (+ 100% Total Physical Attack) from his maximum HP and causes a Slow effect to them by 90% for 1 second.

The calculation of the HP deduction that Masha receives will be calculated as (50% / 50% / 50%).

5. Life Recovery (Ultimate / Buff)

Masha recovered 80% of the HP from his last HP Bar by using all his energy. Not available during Battle Mode or HP Full Bar.

This skill activation can only be used if Masha does not take damage or do attacks for 5 seconds and can only be used if he is in a state of minimal HP.