5 Matched Heroes Together with Kaja

At the beginning of its appearance in Mobile Legends, Kaja was present as a Tank Hero / Support. However, a few months ago, he got reworked and was made a Hero Fighter / Support. As a result of the rework, Kaja's passive and second skills also changed.

(Mobile Legends) 5 Matched Heroes Together with Kaja

After experiencing changes in some of his skills, Kaja was transformed into a more aggressive Hero initiator and crowd control. Therefore, he needs to be paired with several heroes who can maximize his ultimate skill, Divine Judgment.

1. Lunox

Having a beautiful and elegant face, Lunox is still one of the most feared heroes to date. This Hero Mage is equipped with various skills which make it very dangerous.

His ultimate, Order & Chaos, is able to make him deal large damage as well as the ability to be immune from opponent's crowd control skills.

With Divine Judgment, Kaja can play a big role to help Lunox eliminate enemies. When Kaja manages to attract one of the enemies, Lunox must immediately activate Order & Chaos Darkening. After that, attack the enemy repeatedly with his Chaos Assault skill.

2. Kimmy

This Marksman / Mage hybrid hero is known as one of the heroes that are quite difficult to play. However, once you understand how to control it, Kimmy will no doubt be a scourge for the enemy.

Its Basic Attack which can be fired without stopping while moving can make the enemy run out of HP quickly. Well, the deadly skill would be very appropriate to be combined with Kaja's Ulti.

Just wait for him to pull the enemy towards you, activate Kimmy's Energy Transformation, then fire the Basic Attack at the enemy. Rapid and large bursts of Magical Damage from this attack match the reduction of Magic RES from the Ulti Kaja skill.

3. Harith

Like Lunox, Harith remains one of the most banned heroes to date. The combination of skills that have great damage and can create a slow effect on the opponent makes many players prefer to avoid it in the Land of Dawn.

Harith's ultimate, the Age of Force, provides many benefits for Harith. Besides being able to make enemies get a slow effect, this ulti also reduces cooldown reduction of all the skills that Harith has.

The combination of Ulti and the two heroes is guaranteed to make the enemy confused. The huge Burst Damage from Harith thanks to the reduced cooldown and the lock and reduction of Magic RES from Kaja is guaranteed to make the enemy immediately apprehensive.

4. Selena

Anyone who has faced Selena, surely knows that his Abyssal Arrow skill can make you feel inconvenient. Once hit by Selena's "catfish", you will receive a stunning effect for 0.5 to 3 seconds. In that long period of time, Selena was able to finish off her opponent quickly.

What is more troublesome than Selena's Abyssal Arrow? Of course when that skill is combined with Kaja's Divine Judgment. Wait Selena throws a "catfish" at the opponent, then followed by Divine Judgment. The enemy is guaranteed not to move at all.

5. Johnson

The combo between Johnson and Odette is arguably the most popular duet in the Land of Dawn universe. The enemy can be immediately wiped out once the two heroes are in synergy.

Who says Johnson only fits a duet with Hero Mage or has big damage? For those of you who have never tried it, Kaja can also be a duet friend who fits with Johnson.

Damage generated from the two heroes is indeed not as big as a duet between Johnson and Odette. However, when Johnson and Kaja were paired up during the war, the enemy was able to make no move.

The stun and slow effects of Johnson's Rapid Touchdown, Kaja's Divine Judgment and Ring of Order, as well as attacks from teammates' carry, were also able to kill off many enemies at once.

Those are some of the matching Hero Mobile Legends played with Kaja. Have you ever tried one of the duets mentioned above?