Mobile Legends: Adventure

Seeing the amount of enthusiasm gamers towards MLBB, Moonton as a developer was unexpectedly prepared a sequel. Especially, the sequel titled Mobile Legends: Adventure is not present in the MOBA genre.


Gameplay That Is Much Simpler Than Its Predecessor

Although referred to as the sequel to MLBB, Mobile Legends: Adventure does not carry the same genre as its first game. Yep, the sequel comes in the RPG genre. You don't need to worry. Your favorite heroes can still be found in this game.

In addition to promoting a different genre, Mobile Legends: Adventure also presents gameplay that is not the same as MLBB. You won't find complex and tactical gameplay like the MOBA version. In this game, most of the gameplay can run automatically.

Moonton developed Mobile Legends: Adventure as an idle RPG. That is why you don't need to laboriously move or issue the character skills that you have. The character upgrade system and how you arrange team formation are the main points in this game. After arranging these two things, let your characters fight alone.

Fixed Rank System Maintained

What makes MLBB and other competitive games so loved by gamers? the Rank system. With this system, you can show yourself as the best player among friends, even among all MLBB players around the world. Therefore, MLBB players are competing to be able to raise their rank as high as possible.

Admit, who until now still can't reach Mythic in MLBB? Well, rather than being frustrated because you can't reach Mythic, you might be able to switch to Mobile Legends: Adventure. Even though the RPG genre doesn't mean Moonton can't bring the Rank system in this game.

The Rank System in Mobile Legends: Adventure is present in Arena mode. All levels of Rank in MLBB, from Warrior to Mythical Glory, can be achieved in the PvP mode. The main requirement for your rank to continue to climb in this mode is to continue to upgrade the characters you have.

The stronger the character you have, the harder it is for enemies to overtake your Rank. Since the battle is automatic, you just have to set the formation of the strongest team. Even if you don't standby at the Arena, your fight with other players will go on alone. Once you enter the Arena, you will receive a report of the victory or defeat of your team.

Anime-style visual display

The number of mobile RPGs is not countless. Each game also has a different story and world. However, if you look closely, there is one thing that makes most mobile RPGs look the same, namely the use of anime-style art style.

Apparently, anime-style art is also applied by Moonton to Mobile Legends: Adventure. In this game, your favorite characters don't even appear as fresh as MLBB. Although the appearance is slightly modified, various animation skills of each Hero are still maintained in this game. For example, you can still see how Kaja pulled an enemy or Aurora who dropped chunks of ice.

In addition to maintaining the basic appearance and skill animation, Moonton also includes the distinctive dialogue of each Hero in Mobile Legends: Adventure. The voiceover is exactly the same as the MLBB voice actor. Unfortunately, not all the Hero gets his trademark dialogue. There were still some heroes who didn't speak at all when he took out his ultimate.

Automatic System That Makes Players Easier

Without a complex and tactical combat system, Mobile Legends: Adventure is certainly easy to learn by anyone. You will not find a control system in this game. The thing is, everything works automatically. The only thing you can control is when the character issues an ultimate.

One of the things that were quite surprising was that Moonton was generous enough to distribute rewards in Mobile Legends: Adventure. Apart from Events and Quests, this game presents an Instant Rewards feature that actively distributes rewards for a certain period of time. Then, there is the Idle Rewards feature that continues to reward you even though you aren't actively playing this game.

With abundant rewards, you don't seem to be forced to do microtransactions in this game. Even true free-to-play users don't have to worry about playing Mobile Legends: Adventure. As long as you don't reach Mythical Glory, you don't need to spend money on this game.

Helped big names MLBB

Before playing Mobile Legends: Adventure, you should not set expectations that are too high. This game was developed to be played casually so don't expect you to find an intense MLBB battle in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Actually, the presence of this game can be a breath of fresh air in the world of Mobile Legends. Unfortunately, there must be some players who find this game boring because of the gameplay. Moreover, for those who continue to cling to the MLBB playing style.

In addition to raising the big name of Mobile Legends, there is nothing too special in Mobile Legends: Adventure. From the side of the story, this game features a story that isn't too memorable. In fact, Moonton could "exploit" some of the stories in the background of each character in MLBB.


If you want to see Mobile Legends in a different package, you are required to play Mobile Legends: Adventure. Once again, don't expect to find the same playing experience as MLBB. If MLBB has to be played during spare time, Mobile Legends: Adventure can you play in between your activities because the gameplay is completely automatic.