Build Item X.Borg Guide

When arranging items in Mobile Legends, we need to adapt them to each Hero's battle style. Take for example the newcomer, X.Borg, who relies on the use of skills.

This condition certainly makes him have to choose items that can reduce the duration of the cooldown skill very high. He also needed an item with a spell vamp effect to give it a bit of HP regeneration.

1. Warrior Boots 

Warrior Boots can be the first item owned by X.Borg. This item can provide 40 speed of movement and 22 Armor points.

The increased speed of movement and defense gained from these shoes helps X.Borg to move faster and put a halt to enemy attacks. This also matches his barbaric and aggressive fighting style.

Warrior Boots also has a passive effect that is useful for increasing Physical Defense for each attack received for three seconds. This passive ability really helps X.Borg to increase its durability.

For alternative items, you can also use Magic Shoes ($ 710) to get a shorter cooldown duration. X.Borg can do spamming skills more freely.

2. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax became the first attack item that X.Borg must-have. This item increases 70 Physical Attack and reduces the cooldown skill duration by 10%.

Increasing Physical Attack can help to improve X.Borg's damage is a skill. On the other hand, reducing the cooldown duration will greatly help it to be able to maximize spam skills.

In addition, Bloodlust Ax can also give a 20% spell vamp effect. The spell vamp effect is quite helpful. Because X.Borg who is very safe to rely on the use of skills when fighting can heal his HP continuously.

3. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen can be complementary items that can be combined with Bloodlust Ax. This item provides 15 Physical Attack, 1000 HP, and a 10% reduction in cooldown skill duration.

This combination can increase defense and reduce the duration of cooldown skills. Reducing the cooldown duration and increasing Physical Attack will again make X.Borg able to optimize the damage from the skills he uses.

On the other hand, increasing 1000 HP will greatly help X.Borg's durability. This condition also made him able to comfortably play at the forefront of the fight.

In addition, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen can also have a passive ability called Demonize. Passive ability can reduce the damage received and provide lifesteal.

Actually, the lifesteal effect is not very useful for X.Borg. The reason, he is a Hero oriented to the use of skills, not basic attacks.

However, the effect of 50% damage reduction from the Demonize ability can greatly help X.Borg become "thicker" than before.

4. Hunter Strike
Hunter Strike is one of the most important items that X.Borg needs to have. This item can provide 80 Physical Attack, 15 Physical PEN, and reduce cooldown duration by 10%.

With these achievements, you again get a combination of large damage and cooldown skills that become shorter. This situation is also very harmonious with the style of play that relies on skill.

In addition, Hunter Strike also has a passive ability that provides increased speed of movement by 30% for 2 seconds. This effect is only active when the user attacks the enemy five times in a row.

With this passive, X.Borg can have a very agile level of movement in using the Fire Missile skill. This will greatly help him to position the direction and also maintain a safe distance for spraying fire towards the enemy.

5. Rose Gold Meteor

Rose Gold Meteor can be an item of damage as well as a pretty good defense for X.Borg. This item deals 60 Physical Attack, 30% Magic Resistance, and 5% lifesteal.

Increased Physical Attack can increase damage so higher. In addition, a 30% increase in Magic Resistance will be very helpful to face Hero Mage in battle.

Actually, the main reason for having the Rose Gold Meteor as one of the items for X.Borg was his passive ability. This ability can give users a shield for three seconds when HP is under 30%.
This passive ability can be said to be very useful after X.Borg blew himself up with the Last Insanity skill. With a protective shield, he also became quite difficult to kill even though it is in Armorless mode.
6. Blade of Despair 
Blade of Despair becomes a complimentary item to increase damage and a little movement speed for X.Borg. The reason is, this item can provide 170 Physical Attack and 5% movement speed.
With these improvements, he will get extra damage that is very large than before. In fact, he can kill the Hero Tank if you manage to maximize the effect of his True Damage.
Blade of Despair also has a passive ability called Despair. This ability can increase Physical Damage by 25% for two seconds if the user attacks an enemy that has an HP below 50%.
Alternatively, you can replace this item with Immortality. Increased Physical Defense and the effect of survival will be very useful in combat if you want to play more defensively.
The arrangement of the items above is oriented to three main things to increase X. Borg's abilities, namely Physical Attack, reduced cooldown, and speed of movement. These three aspects really helped him to maximize the range of skills he had.
In conclusion, he will have a very high level of damage when using his skills. Clearly, if all three factors are met, you will easily and quickly kill enemies.