Mobile Legends Finally Released Ling, a New Hero Assassin with Unreasonable Skills!

If you are a Mobile Legends game maniac, you will definitely follow the game's development. Well, in epicon a while ago, it was discovered that Mobile Legends would present a number of new hero updates, starting with Bixia using a shield, Hinga Qing Zue, which was just released on the Advance server. For those of you who are curious about this hero, this is Hero Qing Zue with the name Ling in Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends Finally Released Ling, a New Hero Assassin with Unreasonable Skills!

The new Mobile Legend hero is Ling and has the role of Burst Damager / Reap which is able to kill his opponent in one fell swoop. Worse yet, this one hero has the ability of skills that do not make sense, namely by using the wall as a foothold. Where he can easily use the mobility he has to do roaming. Worse yet, he has the ability to kill his enemy by using a combination of the ultimate skill and skill 2.

For an explanation of the skill:

Cloud Walker (Passive): Ling doesn't have mana, but is replaced by a new bar called lightness that he can use to use skills. Each time near a wall/wall, the link will restore 2 of its lightness points per second, and each time hitting an enemy, Ling will get 5 points of Lightness Point

Finch Poise (Skill 1): Link uses its Lightness point to jump to the wall it is pointing to and jump without using a CD at all.

Defiant Sword (Skill 2): ​​Ling charges in the intended direction, and afterward stabs the closest enemy, dealing more damage with an additional 25% critical chance, and the attack is considered a basic attack that will trigger ATK effects. Cool again, if Ling is on the wall and uses this skill to attack enemies on the ground. Players will do damage in the area, and if Critical, will give a slow effect of 30% for 1 second

Tempest of Blades (Ultimate): Ling jumps into the air, channeling for 2.5 seconds, during which time he will become immune to all damage. After that, it will hit the enemies below, and deal more damage, and take out 4 pairs of swords. If the sword is taken, Ling will reset his 2nd skill and stretch his 5 lightness points.