(Mobile Legends) Ling, the Deadly Wall Climber

Moonton again presents a new Hero in Mobile Legends, namely Ling. He was an Assassin who relied on his special abilities to climb the walls in the Land of Dawn battlefield.

(Mobile Legends) Ling, the Deadly Wall Climber

After entering the Advanced Server, Ling became an Assassin who was quite feared because of his OP. The reason is, he has two distinct abilities that are very good Assassin, namely high levels of mobility and deadly critical attacks.

In this article, I will give a glimpse of Ling's abilities and his analysis of the match. So, please refer to the description below.

Passive Skill - Cloud Walker

Ling needs a Lightness Point to use the Fly Poise skill. When he is near the wall, the Lightness Point will be filled by two points every second.

In addition, when Ling attacks the enemy, he will get five Lightness points per attack.

Analysis: This skill is the main mechanism of using the Finch Poise skill. By maximizing Lightness Point's revenue sources, we can also maximize the use of Finch Poise.

Skill 1 - Finch Poise

Ling can jump onto the wall using Lightness Point. Finch Poise also allows him to jump from wall to wall. By using Basic Attack, he who is on the wall can go down and attack the enemy quickly.

Analysis: Finch Poise is a skill that is the main key to Ling's battle. Because Finch Poise can make his mobility increase very dramatically and make it difficult to be the main target during the fight.

On the other hand, the ‘wall climbing’ mechanism is a mechanism that greatly destroys the fighting style of the fight. This mechanism makes it difficult for the enemy to target Ling and the decreased performance of the Hero who relies on Basic Attack when he has to deal with Ling.

The Finch Poise skill can also be used to escape enemy attacks. As long as it's not locked with the crowd control (CC) effect, Ling can freely jump to the wall. However, it should be noted, he can be forced down when exposed to the CC area while in the wall.

Skill 2 - Defiant Sword

Ling stabs the enemy in front of him and deals 70 damage (+ 100% Total Physical Damage). These attacks will be categorized as Basic Attack and have a 25% chance of producing critical attacks.

When on the wall, the Defiant Sword skill allows him to jump and attack enemies in the specified area. The attack will deal 70 damage (+ 100% total physical damage) in the area.

If the attack produces a critical attack, the enemy will get a slow effect of 30% for one second.

Analysis: Defiant Sword is one of the most dangerous attack skills. With the Defiant Sword, Ling can produce extremely high critical attacks for the enemy. Plus, with high mobility, he became agile Assassin with a fairly high attack rate.

In addition, Defiant Sword belongs to the Basic Attack category. This makes this second skill can be combined with several attack effects from items such as Endless Battle and Berserker Fury.

Ultimate Skill - Tempest of Blades

Ling can jump and attack nearby enemies. During the attack, he will get an immune effect. The attack deals 250 damage (+ 200% total physical damage). The enemy at the center of the attack area will bounce up for one second.

Around the area of ​​attack, there will be some four swords stuck in. By taking the sword, the Defiant Sword skill will automatically be reset and he will get five Lightness Points.

Analysis: Tempest of Blades can be the key to a deadly attack. Enemies affected by these skills will find it very difficult to escape from Ling's catch.

Although it has no CC effect, it can reach enemies easily by relying on a combination of Tempest of Blades and Defiant Sword attacks.

In addition to producing damage, Tempest of Blades can also trigger Finch Poise and Defiant Sword combo-womboskill. With the ability to reset the cooldown of the Defiant Sword skill, he can deal very high damage to the enemy.

Broadly speaking, Ling's presence is a novelty that requires a lot of adjustments. The presence of the wall climbing mechanism allows him to move very freely and has excellent fighting mobility. This mechanism makes it very OP now.