(Mobile Legends) Most GG Anti-Crowd Control Heroes (Part 2)

Crowd control is one of the most important aspects of fighting in MOBA such as Mobile Legends. The mechanism, which is often abbreviated to "CC", is useful to inhibit or even stop the game from one enemy hero or more than one.

 (Mobile Legends) Most GG Anti-Crowd Control Heroes (Part 2)

In combat, crowd control can greatly determine the momentum and outcome of a fight. If used appropriately, this ability can change battle conditions very drastically. This makes the crowd control become one of the abilities that must be anticipated.

Continuing the first part, I will provide a row of Hero Mobile Legends that are immune to the second part of crowd control. Please see the list of heroes below.

1. Diggie

The role of Support is one of the important things in the MOBA battle. Because the fight is filled by five players must have a balanced composition that can encourage the ability to fight a team.

One very popular support is Diggie. His popularity arises thanks to the ability of Time Journey which can make colleagues around him immune to the ability of crowd control.

Time Journey is an Ultimate skill which can make Diggie and his colleagues immune to the effects of crowd control for 2.5 seconds. If the anti- crowd control opportunity is used properly. Diggie can save his team and take back the battle momentum.

2. Lunox

Hero Mage who often plays as a mid-layer is one of the strongest in the Land of Dawn. Not surprisingly, Lunox often becomes a hero who is very reliable in competitive scenarios to win.

In addition, Lunox is also known as a very high damage mage. Armed with the skill Chaos: Darkening, Lunox can kill his enemies very quickly.

One of the advantages of Lunox that deserves attention is the ability of anti- crowd control. The anti- crowd control is obtained from the Power of Order: Brilliance skill which makes it unable to attack for three seconds. This ability makes it very easy to anticipate crowd control attacks that lead to him.

3. Hanabi

Even though he did not enter the ranks of the meta heroes, Hanabi remains one of the Hero Marksman who is quite terrible and reliable enough in battle. Known as the area attack capability, Hanabi can attack many nearby enemies simultaneously. This allows him to finish off the enemy quickly.

Not only area attacks, but Hanabi's other feature is also anti- crowd control ability of the passive skill Ninjutsu: Equinox. This passive ability gives him a shield of 20% HP which makes him immune to crowd control effects.

When the shield is lost, Hanabi is no longer immune to the crowd control effect. The anti- crowd control ability makes it very difficult to capture. He was also quite easy to roam around and attack the enemy like a true kunoichi.

4. Kagura

Kagura is known as one of the Hero Mage who is quite scary. This paddle mage is widely known to have very high damage levels and excellent mobility.

In battle, the Hero who is said to be Hayabusa's lover is like an eel that is very difficult to catch. These two advantages make him an excellent Hero Mage in the Land of Dawn.

Kagura is also widely known as the Hero Mage who can escape the effects of crowd control very easily. Relying on the ability of Rasho Umbrella Flee, he can escape the various effects of crowd control that befall him.

With notes, Kagura still holding her umbrella. Because, if the umbrella has been thrown, then Kagura is guaranteed not to be able to do the debuff effect and escape from the noose of crowd control.

5. Chou

Chou is one of the most powerful tankers today. Even though he was transfixed, Chou continued to show his fangs during the battle.

The main strength of Chou lies in the extremely high level of durability, making it very difficult to kill. In addition, armed with the Way of the Dragon kick, Chou can kidnap an enemy Hero quickly.

One of the advantages of Chou that is commonly known is immunity from all crowd control attacks. The immunity is obtained from the Shunpo skill. When used, this one Hero Fighter will charge forward and gain crowd control immunity for two seconds.

By optimizing the use of the Shunpo skill, Chou becomes one of the tanks that is very difficult to lock. Moreover, Shunpo skill has a relatively fast cooldown duration, which is five seconds. So, it's no wonder that Chou became one of the most powerful Tank Initiators in the Land of Dawn.