(Mobile Legends) Most Wins Hero in Ranking Mode - August W2

customizing each Hero becomes very important in the Mobile Legends battle. This can be a reference to the balance of the game. Although all returned to the game preferences of each player.
(Mobile Legends) Most Wins Hero in Ranking Mode - August W2
In this paper, I will provide a list of heroes with the highest win rate in Ranking mode alias most often won during the past week (the second week of August).
The list of Heroes below can be our reference to see what Hero meta is currently strong. So, please refer to the list below.
10. Zhask (52.76%)
Since being revamped, Zhask has become one of the Mages who has entered the ranks of the Hero meta. Because he has very large damage and regeneration which is very good. Additionally, Zhask can ride Spawn and not take damage when attacked.
This now makes Zhask have an additional "life" so it is difficult to kill. By maximizing the use of Spawn, Zhask was able to quickly win the turret and win the game quite convincingly.
9. Irides (52,8%) 
This Hero Marksman has a fairly conditional style of play. Irithel can adjust to some meta conditions lately. This is evidenced by the quite high Win rate.
Armed with his burst damage ability, Irithel is indeed fairly easy to destroy turrets and clean minions quickly. So, in terms of objective play, Irithel became a very effective hero to win.
8. Vexana (53.1%)
As a Mage, Vexana has been relied on for a long time. With its poke and crowd control capabilities, Vexana is one of the Hero Mages that is quite strong.
Vexana's skill is dominated by several damage area abilities, so it is very easy to clear minions and push. So, don't be surprised, if Vexana has a high Win rate.
7. Grock (53,15%)
As a tanker, Grock is the safest option that can be used. Despite having the style of play that remained the same as in the previous meta, Grock was still proven to be effective in winning.
The big hero is still very good as the front line of the fight. He can withstand incoming damage while warding off some crowd control abilities.
With the ability and style of play that hasn't changed much, Grock can be said to be the Tank that has the longest existence in the ranks of the Hero with the best Win rate.
6. Kimmy (53.19%)
Kimmy can always be said to adapt to some meta conditions. As proof, as of this writing was released, Kimmy is still one of the DPS heroes that is very effective at clearing enemies very quickly.
With the current meta adjustments, Kimmy did not enter the top five. However, he is still a very decent hero and very very adaptive in battle.
5. Diggie (54.39%)
Diggie, who is ranked fifth, is proof that the Hero Support meta continues to fly. Since being revamped, Diggie turned out to be pretty scary.
In Ranking mode, Diggie is usually used to anticipate the crowd control capability possessed by the enemy. As a solution, Diggie is the right way out. Therefore, the anticipation of crowd control is a good effort to win.
4. Lylia (54.97%)
Relying on the combination of his high burst damage ability and regeneration, Lylia is one of the strongest heroes in meta now. So, it's very, very natural that Lylia was ranked fourth in the past week.
However, he is predicted to be displaced from the Hero auto-ban group and even from this list. The reason, Moonton immediately gave him a fairly severe nerf, namely his Ulti cooldown reduced to 10 seconds. Apart from that, the damage is also a bit human.
3. Estes (55.01%)
Estes becomes a Support Hero who has the highest win rate in Ranking mode. Despite having a high win rate, Estes is not very popular (0.12%).
His main strength as a healer is not in doubt. Estes can help his teammates to stay alive in battle. This made his team very strong and very difficult to kill. On the other hand, Estes can protect Hero carry very well so that the carry will play much more effectively.
2. Lolita (57%)
The second place is occupied by Lolita, a front line Hero Tank that has qualified crowd control capabilities. Even so, its popularity is fairly low compared to some of its similar Hero Tanks.
However, Lolita can be a tanker with excellent crowd control capabilities. Skill noumenon and Guardian Blast Bulwark be skill mainstay highly influential in the team battle.
1. X.Borg (57.23%)
There is no doubt that X.Borg will be the Hero who ranks first in the win rate in Ranking mode. The reason he is indeed a very strong Hero in the past week. In fact, this Hero Fighter became a subscription ban in Ranking mode.
Indeed, it is very, very annoying when we have to deal with it. With his skills that have very high damage, X.Borg becomes a very effective hero to 'carry' our rank to a higher level.