Mobile Legends Mysteries of the Land of Dawn, Heroes' Fighting Arena

As a MOBA game, Mobile Legends doesn't only provide games. Dozens of Hero characters that you can play have a pretty interesting story. Moreover, many events also have a role to insert elements of the story in it. Uniquely, not only the Heroes, the setting of the Mobile Legends battle is more than just a meaningless empty arena.

Mobile Legends Mysteries of the Land of Dawn, Heroes' Fighting Arena

As the setting of the battle, the Land of Dawn contained three lanes and two bases from each of the fighting teams. Not that simple, it turns out there are many characters and stories in it that are interrelated.

A New World that Never Dead

One of the things that make the Land of Dawn interesting is that this place is a setting that changes with time. In the early game season, Mobile Legends released two maps named Western Expense and The Celestial Palace. These two places are narrated as a place where the Heroes meet and duel.

Over time, each battle gradually as a process. Every defeated Hero is not really dead and the destroyed building will always recover. As live up to its name, Land of Dawn is a world that is always improving itself and starting something new. It was as if there was some kind of magical power that made the Land of Dawn new every time the match was about to start.

Residents of the Land of Dawn

Besides being a place of great fighting, the Land of Dawn is also inhabited by wild creatures. In addition to forest-dwelling creatures, there are two large creatures that inhabit the river path, namely Turtle and Lord.

The ancient turtle that inhabits the river is believed to save power for anyone who can crush it. Meanwhile, the Lord is a special monster who is staying as the owner of the Land of Dawn. If Lord is defeated, he will help one team to win the match.

The Great Power of Twilight Orb

The eternal battle that took place in the Land of Dawn apparently departed from an artifact called the Twilight Orb. The Minotaur is told as a race of magic ball keepers. Previously, the Twilight Orb was hidden in a labyrinth in the Kingdom of Minoan. This artifact protects the Minoan Kingdom from the destruction sent by the gods as punishment to the greedy population.

The location of the oasis and labyrinth where the Twilight Orb is kept is now in ruins. There is no certainty whether the Twilight Orb is still in the labyrinth. However, his great strength was able to protect the Land of Dawn from permanent damage.

Factions fighting for power

As a vast expanse of open world, the Land of Dawn became a struggle for many parties. Anyone would want to be the ruler of this indestructible world with the power of the Twilight Orb.

In Mobile Legends, to date, there are five factions fighting for power. They are Human Empire, Bloodaxe Orcs, Order of the Scarlet Shadow, Dawn Zenith, and Dark Abyss.

Humans belong to a kingdom whose ruler has not yet been told. Meanwhile, brutal races like the Orcs and demons who are members of the Dark Abyss are also hungry for the hidden power in the Land of Dawn.

Meanwhile, there are other unique factions, namely the ninjas in the Order of the Scarlet Shadow who control the East joined the war. Not to be left behind, the magicians and Elves from the West wanted to claim the great power of the Twilight Orb.