(Mobile Legends) The Nerf Hero on Patch 1.4.06

Mobile Legends has entered the 1.4.06 update. As usual, there are several heroes who are affected by buffs and nerf. Rather than the buff that was discussed earlier, the nerf applied in this latest patch can be said to be a spotlight.

 (Mobile Legends) The Nerf Hero on Patch 1.4.06

Because, we know that not long ago Moonton released two new enough OP heroes, namely X.Borg and Lylia. The OP's both made the course of the battle in the Land of Dawn unbalanced.

For this reason, in this paper mill will provide a list of nerf on the update 04/01/06.

1. X.Borg

It's natural to feel that X.Borg is affected by nerfing. Because its strength is fairly OP and makes the game so unbalanced. Nerf received by X.Borg include strength in skill passive, skill ultimate and basic status.

In passive skills, Firaga Armor returned when energy is recovered is reduced to 30% from 50%. In addition, the slow effect on the Last Insanity skill was reduced to 30% from 60%. Finally, the number of basic XBorg HPs of 1288 was reduced to 1138.

Analysis: X.Borg can be said to be one of the main highlights of the 1.4.06 update. Because nerf received by X.Borg is quite a lot and influential in combat.

Nerf includes durability and crowd control capabilities. Both are important factors for an X.Borg.

Reducing Firor Armor recovery to 30% makes X.Borg must be extra vigilant of the opponent's attack. Because he became more easily killed than before.

Furthermore, reducing the slow effect of the Last Insanity skill makes X.Borg must adjust the skill's use to the right momentum. Some of these adjustments become 'homework' for X.Borg players to tidy up and readjust the style of play in Land of Dawn.

2. Lylia

Lylia is also one of the new heroes who are hit by nerfing. With a fairly high Win-Rate rate (reaching 54.97%), it is only natural that Lylia will have to experience a power adjustment in the Land of Dawn. The Nerf is in the Angry Gloom and Black Shoe skills.

In the Angry Gloom skill, there is damage adjustment that is generated. Now, Angry Gloom will only cause damage to 90-150 (+ 50% Magic Power) from 130-250 (+ 50% Magic Power).

On the other hand, when Angry Gloom explodes, the damage produced is increased by 260-500 (+ 100% Magic Power) from 225-375 (+ 100% Magic Power).

In the Black Shoe skill, there are some adjustments that reduce Lylia's performance. Now, the cooldown duration of the Black Shoe skill is increased by five seconds.

Not only cooldown, regeneration effect obtained is reduced to 10% -20% from 15% -25%. Increased ground speed by 40% reduced to 20%.

Analysis: Nerf received by Lylia is quite significant. With nerf above, Lylia is predicted to be difficult to compensate for some of the current meta heroes.

The reason is, nerf on the 1.4.06 update greatly affects the level of Burst Damage from a Lylia. With a low level of Burst Damage, Lylia is predicted to be of little use in battle.

Moreover, Lylia also has fairly complicated gameplay. Damage can indeed be very large in the first minute. However, after the stack runs out, he will also be difficult to contribute if the attack is unable to hit the enemy.

3. Echo

Again, Kaja experienced nerf again. On patch 1.4.06, the speed of movement obtained from the Lightning Bomb skill is reduced. Reducing the speed of movement is fairly small.

Analysis: The Nerf that is now accepted by Kaja is not significant. Because the reduction in movement speed obtained from the Lightning Bomb skill can be anticipated by several other ways, such as the item's speed of movement or spell.

In addition, nerf in terms of speed of movement is a fairly minor impact on Kaja's battle performance. So, it can be predicted this nerf will not be so influential on meta.

4. Chou

Besides Kaja, Chou was also hit by nerfing again. Now, the slow effect of the Only Fast (passive) skill will be reduced. Similar to Kaja, the nerf received by Chou this time was quite small.

Analysis: Reducing the slow effect of the Only Fast skill is not significant. The reason is, Chou is quite capable of locking enemies with his Way of the Dragon skill kick.

It can be concluded, reducing the slight effect of slow felt will not change the battle performance of a Chou. Unless the slow effect is completely removed from this skill.


Broadly speaking, nerf on the 1.4.06 Mobile Legends update is for X.Borg and Lylia. Both are new heroes which in the previous patch were quite strong.

With the presence of nerfing in the update 04/01/06, we expect any significant power adjustment, especially for X.Borg and Lylia that had always entered as a Hero of auto-tire. The fight can again be fierce, balanced, and interesting for us players.