Mobile Legends Presents Skin King of Fighters Again

Most of you who play Mobile Legends definitely have the Leona Heidern Karina skin, right? Yep, in the past few months, Moonton has held a collaboration event with SNK titled MLBBxKOF. At the event, Moonton distributed Leona skins for free, as long as you managed to complete the event requirements.

Mobile Legends Presents Skin King of Fighters Again

In addition to skins for Karina, there are two other Heroes who also get special skins King of Fighters (KOF), namely Chou with skin Iori Yagami and Guinevere with Athena Asamiya skin. Unlike Leona, which is distributed for free, you must use the Gacha system to be able to get Iori and Athena.

The collaboration between SNK and Moonton did not just stop there. A few months after releasing skins Leona, Iori, and Athena, Moonton surprisingly announced again three new skins with the theme KOF. Then, who is this Hero who is lucky to get a KOF-themed skin?

The hero who will get the latest KOF skins are Gusion, Aurora, and Dyrroth. Like Karina, Chou, and Guinevere, the three heroes will also get skins that represent the characters in KOF. Gusion will get a K skin, Aurora will get a Kula Diamond skin, and Dyrroth will get an Orochi Chris skin.

Unfortunately, Moonton has not yet given a way to get the three skins. So, it is still unknown whether there will be skins that will be distributed free of charge like Karina's Leona skin or not. In addition, Moonton also has not told when this skin will be available in the game.