Moonton Immediately Upgrades the Look and Performance of Mobile Legends

Good news came from a Chinese game developer, Moonton. At Moonton Epicon 2019, they announced that Mobile Legends would experience improvements in terms of graphic appearance and engine speed performance.

Moonton Immediately Upgrades the Look and Performance of Mobile Legends

For the development process this time, Moonton hooked one of the leading engine manufacturer companies, namely Unity. In update 2.0, Unity will donate the Unity 2017 engine to be applied to Mobile Legends.

The loading time interval that we often feel is slow will also be boosted up to 60%. Moonton said that the loading time when opening an application will be reduced from 25 seconds to 10 seconds. In the game will also be accelerated to 5 seconds which previously took up to 15 seconds.

As the graphical interface is improved, the appearance of the heroes in Mobile Legends will also be enhanced. In the User Interface section, there are currently too many displays that the user's device screen looks "claustrophobic". It will also be improved to be simpler and more comfortable in the eyes of its users.

With the addition of Unity 2017, the graphical display of this game will certainly be slicker. More tangible details coupled with enhanced lighting effects will make Mobile Legends even more fun to play.

To feel this latest update, of course, you need a smartphone with high specifications. If you have a "potato" cellphone, maybe you can't feel the latest update to the fullest.

What's more, the memory needed is also definitely greater. Maybe you should replace your smartphone so you can feel the sensation of updating 2.0 later.

For the release date, Moonton hasn't announced when this latest update can be felt. It's good we are a little patient or you can save up to buy a more capable smartphone.