Netmarble Presents New Territorial Updates on Fishing Strike

As a mobile game developer, Netmarble counts like to innovate. Just look at the presence of games such as Rich Wars who take a monopoly game or Fishing Strike which takes a fishing game in an interactive style. Periodically, the developer continues to update their game.

Fishing Strike

As of today, Netmarble will add a new zone called Dark Volcano for Fishing Strike. Uniquely, this zone is inspired by the original volcanic background such as Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, Krakatoa in Indonesia, Mount Etna in Italy to Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Each stage will have its own uniqueness.

In this new zone consisting of 9 stages, players can collect several new types of fish from level 61 to 143. For those of you who are good at it, you can test endurance in the No Limit Challenge to level 126! How is it according to the fishing buddies? Already challenged?

The fishing buddies also had the chance to get the legendary Angler named Yuri. As a new addition, Yuri has a very useful ability. On several occasions, Yuri will release freezing abilities that can help you catch fish.

In welcoming this new update too, many sets titled Phoenix that players can collect. There are two outfits, namely Golden Phoenix and Pink Dia Phoenix which players can use to enhance their appearance. If it's still lacking, there is a Blaze Phoenix Boat that looks dashing compared to other boats.

For those of you who haven't played this game yet, try the Fishing Strike released since April 2018. This game has more than 700 types of fish that players can catch. In addition, there are many fishing backgrounds that players can visit and are inspired by iconic locations in various parts of the world.