New PUBG Mobile Update: There is a Helicopter and Grenade Launcher!

The Battle Royale PUBG Mobile game continues to provide updates to pamper its fans. Now, reportedly in the new PUBG Mobile update will present a helicopter and grenade launcher vehicles.

New PUBG Mobile Update: There is a Helicopter and Grenade Launcher! 

Reported by ShubhGamerz's YouTube account, there appears to be a helicopter that can be driven and a grenade launcher or a grenade launcher at the new PUBG Mobile update.

1. Helicopter

In the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, a new mode has been launched. In that mode, there are some blue dots in the Erangel folder.

In that mode, there is a new vehicle in the form of a helicopter that can be boarded by six people.

To drive a helicopter, it's almost the same as a vehicle. Can steer forward, backward, left and right.

Interestingly, the passengers can sit next to the helicopter, like in war films. Passengers outside the helicopter can also shoot at enemies. Very cool!

2. Granade Launcher Weapons

In this mode, there are several looting places marked by an orange light. This looting place is spread in various regions and in it, there are weapons and the best items.

Well, there is a new weapon in this mode, the launcher grenade. This weapon is very deadly. The enemy can be direct right now, even die when hit by this weapon.

Unfortunately, there is no news when this mode will be launched globally. Well, do you think it's cool is not a helicopter vehicle and this launcher grenade weapon? Hopefully, Tencent Games will release this update to the global world.