PMCO Global Final 2019 Ready to be Held in Berlin

The PMCO SEA 2019 Grand Final has found its best team. They are RRQ Athena from Thailand and Bigetron as champions and runners-up. Both also have the right to represent the Southeast Asian region at the 2019 Global Final PMCO which will be held in Berlin on 28-29 July 2019.

PMCO Global Final 2019 Ready to be Held in Berlin

Not only that, there is still a chance for third and fourth place winners at the PMCO Grand Final. As many as 16 teams from eight regions returned to fight in the 2019 PMCO Prelimination.

At the event, they must fight over five tickets to the Global Final round. Another Southeast Asian representative, Purple Mood (Thailand), won one ticket from the Prelimination round

The Southeast Asia region can be represented by the three best teams. Hopefully, the teams will continue to be enthusiastic and become an inspiration to the community in the spirit of high sportsmanship. Congratulations to the teams, including Bigetron who represents Indonesia. I hope the best results for representatives of Southeast Asia, "said Gaga as Head of Esports PUBG Mobile for Southeast Asia.

The sixteen strongest teams that will step in the Global Final round are Bigetron Esports (Indonesia), RRQ Athens (Thailand), and Purple Mood Esports will represent Southeast Asia.

The other 13 teams are Spacestation Gaming (North America), Unique Team (Europe), ELG, XQF, and Top Esports (China). BRK Gaming and Team Queso (South America), GC Busan (Korea), SCARZ Black (Japan), Sixty Nine Team (Middle East), and Nova Esports represented the Wildcard team.

The 2019 Global Final PMCO does not only feature exciting matches between strong teams. This event will also be enlivened by celebrities from various countries who pitted their ability to play PUBG Mobile in the "Show Match" titled "Team UP".

In addition, world-renowned musician Alan Walker also played the 2019 PMCO Global Final event. He will present his latest song in collaboration with PUBG Mobile for the second time.

"As an international scale tournament, PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 this season is expected to become the main engine for the development of the esports realm and become a positive inspiration sumper for esports lovers to later be able to participate in PUBG tournament events. Another mobile, "said Gaga Li.

For those of you who can't directly support your favorite team, don't worry because the whole series of events will be broadcast via live streaming on your YouTube PUBG Mobile account.