Powerful tips Booyah! in Free Fire for Beginner Players

Who is trying to play the Free Fire game? Have you ever gotten Booyah !, haven't you? If you do not already seem to be obliged to read this article because it discusses effective tips Booyah! on Free Fire.

Powerful tips Booyah! in Free Fire for Beginner Players

I will share powerful tips Booyah! in Free Fire for novice players.

1. Use two different types of weapons

In Free Fire, you must have two different types of weapons. The first is the long-range weapon or sniper and the second weapon is the SMG or Assault Rifle type for short-range.

But, don't flip over, use the weapon. Do not use melee weapons to shoot at enemies in far positions and do not use a sniper to shoot enemies at close range.

2. Always carry the Gloo Wall

Every time you play Free Fire you must have a Gloo Wall. Yes, this item effectively protects you from enemy attacks in open areas.

If there are enemies who suddenly shoot at you, immediately install the Gloo Wall to hide and counterattack.

3. Always move when taking drugs

When you are on drugs, try to keep moving squatting and standing.

This aims so that you are not easily paralyzed by the enemy. If you just stay still, the enemy can easily aim for a headshot.

4. Always move when looting

Aside from being treated, you also must continue to move when looting items. Continue to move in all directions, such as front, back, right and left.
By continuing to move, the enemy will find it difficult to shoot at you.

5. Treat the enemy in a closed place

When an enemy is injured you must treat it or heal. Well, don't rush to treat the enemy.

Look for a closed place to treat enemies, such as inside a house or behind a wall.