PUBG Finally Changes Its Iconic Music in the Lobby

PUBG regularly gets updates on various platforms, starting from PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. But, there is one thing that has never changed, namely the music in the PUBG lobby.

PUBG Finally Changes Its Iconic Music in the Lobby 

Well, soon PUBG will be watching its iconic music in the lobby. 

“We’ve updated an old classic. Coming to a PUBG lobby near you very soon,”

In the PUBG post, new music in the lobby has a duration of three minutes. Unfortunately, many PUBG players prefer to choose old music.

The music in this lobby is actually a choice. Players can choose to turn it on or off and switch to the sound of the players' footprints in the lobby.

PUBG has not officially announced the date of the launch of this new music. But, reportedly new music for the lobby will be released on PCs and consoles in August 2019.

PUBG has previously released a new vehicle BRDM-2. This is a mini tank car that has super-tough capabilities. Yes, this car is bulletproof, grenade, or RedZone. This car can also explore various fields.

But, to get a BRDM-2 in the car is not easy. Players must use a flare gun to get a Special Care Package containing a BRDM-2 car.

This car can accommodate four people or one team and can go 102 kilometers per hour.