The 5 Best Weapons in Team Death Match Mode

After presenting the zombie mode in PUBG Mobile, Tencent and PUBG Corporation added a new model that further added to the excitement of this game. Yep, since last June, you can finally play a mode called Team Death Match in this battle royale game.

(PUBG Mobile) The 5 Best Weapons in Team Death Match Mode

Unlike the main mode, Team Death Match uses concepts like MOBA, so you will find a respawn system. Then in 10 minutes, you and your teammates must defeat as many enemies as possible. Now, choosing the right weapon will certainly determine your victory in this mode.

1. M416

Since the Team Death Match is very fast and intense, surely you have to look for weapons that are quite practical when used. One of the choices of weapons that you can use is M416. Assault rifle is known to have minimal recoil, making it easy to use for all players. You don't need to bother installing attachments before using this weapon.

2. Micro UZI

In addition to an assault rifle, submachine gun (SMG) can also be one type of weapon that you must use in Team Death Match. Among the many choices of SMG, you can choose Micro UZI as your main weapon.

Although small in shape, Micro UZI is known as a weapon with a high fire rate. You can fire a barrage of bullets at enemies using this weapon. The enemy can easily be overthrown after receiving many shots at once from Micro UZI.


M416 isn't the only assault rifle option that you can use in Team Death Match. You can also use SCAR-L which also has a minimal recoil effect. Therefore, this weapon is quite easy to use in the intense situation of Team Death Match.

Although SCAR-L has the slowest bullet speed of all 5.56 mm weapons, this weapon is capable of producing considerable damage, which is 43 points. That is why a shot from SCAR-L can more quickly paralyze the enemy.

4. AKM

Getting weapons with high damage value is also one of the requirements to win Team Death Match. One weapon that has a large damage value is the AKM. Assault rifle can produce damage up to 49 points. Sangking the amount of damage generated, AKM is able to defeat the enemy in just a few shots.

5. Beryl M762

The damage that Beryl M762 does is not as large as the AKM, but it is large enough to incapacitate enemies in a short time. With a high fire rate, the Beryl M762 is able to change the damage value by 47 points to be as painful as the damage from the AKM. If you interfere with the recoil, you can reduce it by adding the foregrip.


That's the best weapon you can use in Team Death Match PUBG mode. Are the weapons above also your favorite weapons when fighting in Team Death Match or do you have other weapons?