(PUBG Mobile) 5 Facts Infection Mode that You Must Know

After presenting Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night, Tencent and PUBG Corporation again present the latest zombie mode titled Infection Mode. This latest mode comes through patch update 0.14.0 which was released on August 14, 2019.

(PUBG Mobile) 5 Facts Infection Mode that You Must Know

PUBG Mobile's third zombie mode certainly holds a variety of interesting facts. Well, here are the Infection Mode facts that you might not know about. 

1. The Battle Between the Defender and Zombies

If the two previous zombie modes require you to survive against a collection of zombies, Infection Mode comes with a different concept. Infection Mode is a mode that pits two teams of players, consisting of a human team or Defender and a zombie team. You can play as zombies in this mode.

Infection Mode is divided into three rounds. At the beginning of the round, each player appears in the form of a Defender. A few seconds later, randomly selected players will turn into zombies. You who become zombies, must attack Defender and turn them into zombies. For those who remain as Defenders, you must eliminate zombies with weapons.

2. Have Your Own Map Named Lost Harbor

Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night use the same map as PUBG Mobile's main mode, Erangel. Unlike the two modes, Infection Mode provides a new map, Lost Harbor, which is much smaller than other folders in PUBG Mobile.

In addition to its small size, Lost Harbor looks very crowded because it is filled with various buildings. Even though it looks narrow, these conditions actually make the fight between Defender and zombies become more intense, especially when the zone is getting narrower. All players aren't given the chance to hide at all.

3. There Are Three Types of Zombies

Zombies that appear in Infection Mode are divided into three types, namely Speed, Stealth, and King. The infected defender from the zombie team will automatically change to Speed ​​Zombie. But when you are defeated, you can respawn to Speed ​​or Stealth Zombie. Then, what are the differences between the three types of zombies?

Speed ​​Zombie is a zombie bodied guy who has the skill to increase running speed. Stealth Zombie is a zombie bodied girl who has the skills to see through. Finally, King Zombie is the strongest form of zombies that you can get after infecting two Defenders.

4. There Are Two Types of Defenders

In this mode, not only zombies are divided into three types. You who act as a human team also have two different forms, namely Defender and Vanquisher. Then, what's the difference between Defender and Vanquisher?

Defenders attack zombies using assault rifles and can be directly infected with just one zombie attack. Another form, namely Vanquisher, is a Defender who changes after surviving until late game. This form uses a machete to attack zombies and has greater damage than the Defender.

5. There is a Booster for Character Buff

Some of you may have found a notification about "Booster ready" on the screen. For those of you who don't know, Booster turns out to be a unique buff that can be used by zombies or Defenders. Booster you can find in the form of a suitcase in a room that has a pile of drums.

The booster will also always respawn every 15-30 seconds. If a Defender finds a Booster, they will get additional HP and damage. But if the zombies find it, they automatically become King Zombies.