PUBG Mobile Releases Patch Update 0.14.0

Game developers certainly have to know how to make players feel at home playing games made by them continuously. Well, one way is to regularly release updates. Tencent and PUBG Corporation also did not escape the game made by them, namely PUBG Mobile.


Tencent and PUBG Corporation has finally officially released the patch update 0.14.0 on PUBG Mobile. You will discover new things through this latest update. One of them is you will get the latest zombie mode, titled Infection Mode.

Infection Mode presents a different concept from the two previous zombie modes. In Survive Till Dawn and Darkest Night, you are assigned to survive as long as possible from zombie attacks. While in Infection Mode, players who are divided into two teams will be pitted against each other. Well, one of the teams will act like a zombie.

If you act as a human team or Defenders, you will be equipped with various firearms like other modes. If you act like a zombie team, you will be equipped with melee weapons and special abilities to infect Defenders. If the zombie team succeeds in infecting all the Defenders, then the zombie team will be the winner.

Infection Mode isn't the only new thing you'll find in update patch 0.14.0. In addition to these modes, you will find a new theme on the PUBG Mobile menu screen, which is Sea Treasure. Then, there is an event called Global Treasure Hunt that assigns you to collect gold, silver, or bronze compasses to exchange them for prizes.

In addition, Tencent and PUBG Corporation also update the daily mission system in this game. You can get better rewards, even rare loot via daily missions. Now, PUBG Mobile will update you soon to get various new contents.