(REVIEW) Dr. Mario World

After releasing Super Mario Run in 2017, Nintendo finally released another Mario-themed mobile game this month. Yep, Dr. Mario World is the second Mario game released for mobile devices. Like the Dr. series Mario previously carried the puzzle, you were assigned to eliminate the virus by using a capsule that is the same color as the virus.

(REVIEW) Dr. Mario World

Easy to understand puzzle game

When you first played Dr. Mario World, you will be presented with an opening story before entering into the main gameplay. This game is about the Mushroom Kingdom, which was attacked by a horde of viruses of various colors. To save the kingdom, Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser work together to destroy the virus using capsules.

Once entered in a stage, you will be faced with a collection of viruses of various colors on the screen. To get rid of these viruses, attach the capsules that are the same color as the viruses to form a line consisting of at least three capsules and the virus. The stage will end if you successfully clear all the viruses on the screen.

Gameplay presented by Dr. Mario World is fairly easy to understand. Moreover, this game always gives you tutorials on every new challenge. Although the gameplay is easy, it doesn't mean this game will always be easy to conquer. The higher the stage level that is successfully passed, the more challenges you will encounter.

Presents Challenging Versus Mode

The number of puzzle games that are present on mobile devices is not countless. However, not all present PvP modes in it. Well, for those of you who like competition, Dr. Mario World presents the PvP feature named Versus.

At Dr. Mario World, you don't just beat the highest scores of other players. More than that, you can even directly challenge other players to show who is faster to eliminate viruses in real-time battles. In addition, you can also fight with players on your friend's list or other players chosen at random.

When fighting, your character will be confronted with an opposing character. Each time you succeed in clearing one virus line, the bar under the character will continue to be filled. If the bar is full, your character will throw bombs at enemy characters. When the enemy receives a bomb, the enemy screen will add to the virus.

Although the puzzle genre, does not mean the PvP mode in this game is not as challenging as the other PvP game genre. Your adrenaline will also be driven when playing in this mode, especially at the moment when the enemy throws bombs at you. When you think you are about to clean the virus, uh, suddenly an additional virus appears on the screen.

Colorful Puzzle World

The main purpose of Dr. Mario World is you have to destroy viruses of various colors with the same color capsules. That is why this game comes with visuals filled with cheerful colors. Not only the color, the background music that accompanies your game in this game can also make you more excited in cleaning the virus.

Overall, the visuals in Dr. Mario World is actually not much different from other puzzle games. But in this game, you can meet various characters from the Mario franchise choosing one of them as your character. In addition, the presence of characters and movements during PvP mode makes this game look more special when compared to other puzzle games.

Increasing Challenges

As mentioned in the previous point, the level of difficulty will continue to increase along with the level of the stage that you successfully passed. Therefore, you will not get bored easily because you always find new challenges. The increase in the difficulty is fairly static, so you won't be surprised because finding a sudden stage is too difficult.

The control system that Dr. Mario World is somewhat more flexible than other puzzle games. You don't need to bother turning the capsule to fly to the virus that you want to destroy. Just pull the capsule and stick it to the virus. However, once you have raised the capsule, you cannot direct the capsule to the virus below.

Eradicate the Virus to Fill Your Leisure Time

Dr. Mario World is one game that is suitable to fill your time. Its easy gameplay makes this game playable in various situations, for example, you are waiting or on public transport. Apart from that, anyone can easily learn this game.

The thing that made Dr. Mario World and other puzzle games that are less fun is the Heart system. To be able to enter one stage, you must use one heart. Meanwhile, each player is equipped with a maximum of 5 hearts. Every Heart that is used will be refilled for 30 minutes.

If you can't wait for Heart, you can buy it using Diamond. To get a Diamond, you have to buy it with money in the real world. Yep, Dr. Mario World applies its microtransaction system to the Heart system. Actually, this system is not too much of a problem in this game. You can rest playing when you run out of Heart.