(REVIEW) Elune

After releasing TALION last year, Gamevil brought back a new game for mobile gamers. If previously the game released carried the MMORPG genre, the latest game called Elune comes with the RPG genre. This game will invite you to explore various dimensions in order to maintain peace.


A Simple Turn-Based Strategy Game

Elune is not only present as a game title. However, Elune is also a mention of the Hero in this game. It is said that the world of various dimensions is in danger. Therefore, the Elune traveled across various dimensions to restore seven-dimensional peace.

Like most mobile RPGs, Elune uses a combat turn-based strategy system in its gameplay. The combat system is fairly simple. All you have to do is tap the skill you want to expel, then tap the enemy or partner you want to give the skill to.

ok, you won't find a control system in this game. You see, all the movements in the game depend on the system "tap-tap" skill. Its simple gameplay certainly makes Elune easier to learn and play by everyone.

Have Many Modes Besides Story

Elune has two main modes, namely Adventure and Challenge. To finish the story in this game, you can play in Adventure. This mode consists of seven maps. Now, in each map, you will get stories from various dimensions which are divided into several stages.

In order to complete the Elune story, you certainly need a variety of useful material for upgrading characters. If you only rely on Adventure, of course, there isn't much material you can get. That's why you can collect various materials in Challenge mode.

The challenge is divided into nine sections. Now, every part of the Challenge will provide different rewards. So, when you need certain materials, you just have to choose which Challenge you have to face. The presence of many modes in Elune makes this game more varied.

Visible Skill Intentions

The visuals presented by Elune appear quite neat and colorful. However, there is nothing special in terms of the art style. Moreover, now there are many mobile RPGs that display high-class visuals like RPG consoles and PCs.

Even so, the look of the animation when the character issues a skill needs a thumbs up. Gamevil does not seem to want to battle in this game looks mediocre. Animation with intent you can see when the character issues his ulti. Coupled with the sound effect that makes the display skills become more dramatic.

Simple but can feel monotonous

The absence of a control system is very easy for Elune players. Especially for those of you who don't feel good at playing games. That is why this game is friendly enough for everyone to play. Unfortunately, this point can be a drawback for some other players.

For those who like action-packed games, a combat system like this will feel monotonous for you. Coupled with the storyline that makes you less curious to solve it. Once you feel that the gameplay is just like that, yes, there aren't any other factors that can make you survive to play this game.

Like most mobile RPGs, you will surely find the Gacha system in this game. When compared to other mobile RPGs, Elune is less "generous" in its Gacha system, especially for you true believers of free-to-play. You will have difficulty getting Hero Epic or Legendary by using free gacha.

New RPG Without Something Special

Elune's presence certainly adds to the list of games for RPG fans. However, for those who don't have an interest in RPGs, you won't find anything special in this game.

When compared to some of the mobile RPGs that were released before Elune, the various aspects displayed by this game will look normal, both in terms of visuals and stories. However, that does not mean you have to miss the playing experience presented in this game.

The large selection of modes in Elune is a plus in this game. The thing is, you don't need to dwell on just one mode. You have many ways to be able to grinding your character.