(REVIEW) Langrisser: SEA Server

As a classic game series, Langrisser successfully presents a fantasy adventure wrapped in iconic strategy game mechanics. Now, ZlongGames intends to bring this classic series to be present on the mobile platform. By bringing many iconic characters throughout the series, Langrisser offers a very thick tactical game wrapped in RPG.

Review Langrisser

Does the presence of Langrisser which is now brought to mobile can restore the glory of this classic game? Check out the following reviews from me!

Tactical Strategy and Gameplay

Unlike most mobile RPG formats that are fond of exploiting auto games, ZlongGames still maintains the unique gameplay strategy of Langrisser. Here, the player will use a turn and movement format that is divided by several moments. Each type of character has different attack points, movement characteristics, resistance to moving, to unique skills.

Uniquely, in Langrisser each zone has a unique location where players will be restricted in their movements. Characters with horses, for example, will have more movement than knights or warriors, so will Wizard and Acolyte. In this way, there is a kind of formation and movement that must be considered by the players every time they make a turn.

Based on this classification, Langrisser successfully provides a variety of interesting choices. For example, there are parts of the Hawk Knight class that can fly across mountains but are very weak with archers' attacks. With a limited team formation, there is a kind of adjustment that players must do to continue to win battles.

The premise of a memorable classic RPG

In Langrisser, the game presented still holds the same tradition of classic RPG which has a slow phase. Even so, this allows the player to adjust the rhythm of the game and not rush. In story mode, there are several chapters that players can complete by visiting points of conflict.

Main Story in this game can be an interesting vehicle for players to navigate the premise of the game in Langrisser. There are moments where the player must set a defense strategy or fight an enemy who has characteristics such as splitting or hiding. While wading through the stage, there is a possibility that ambush will hinder players and test their endurance.

Usually, most mobile RPG games ignore Main Story which is not interactive. Langrisser is arguably managed to overcome the problem by providing a memorable campaign trip. Not to mention the graphic executions and Japanese character designs that are right on target and don't seem too excessive.

Character Development System

In Langrisser, not many aspects are considered heavy to develop character. After successfully raising the level to a certain level, players only need to pay attention to the stars and additional items to maximize their abilities.

Towards the endgame, the game for collecting resources is not too heavy. Thanks to the gameplay that requires players to explore strategies and tactical games, the final design of the game will test the agility of the players so that the game does not gradually monotonous.

Langrisser still maintains the Gatcha system but it can still be tricked by searching for Crystal and Trinity Vouchers from daily and weekly content. With a system that can still be considered fair, Langrisser will not burden FTP players with those who poured money to develop their character.

Additional Features that Shine

In Langrisser, players can interact with other players to carry out PVP or socialize in the Guild feature. Unfortunately, there is no Guild versus Guild mode so that its existence is not more than just a vehicle to gather.

Even so, again Langrisser can provide appropriate content in his PVP content. All will return to the ability of players to empower space when completing the fight. Each game is fierce and therefore does not make Langrisser become the most mobile RPG that torments players who are difficult to develop.


At first, glance, when starting the game in Langrisser players can find boredom because the gameplay has a slow phase. Even so, if you really like strategy games, Langrisser will test your judgment in carrying out attacks.