(REVIEW) Lumia Saga

There is good news, for you fans of MMORPG. This August, Century Game and Shengqu Games released the latest MMORPG entitled Lumia Saga. This game was originally released first in China and South Korea, then released in Southeast Asia. When compared to other mobile MMORPGs, Lumia Saga accentuates the cute art style.


So, how does he called Lumia Saga? Come on, consider the following review!

Lumia Saga offers MMORPG with a cute visual appearance. However, that does not mean this game can not display a serious game. Behind the cute appearance, you can find quite varied gameplay in the MMORPG made by Shengqu Games and Century Game.

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to determine the character class. There are four class options available, namely Knight, Mage, Adjudge, and Oracle. After determining the Class, you can determine the gender and character appearance. When compared to other mobile MMORPGs, Lumia Saga does not offer a complete customization feature.

A game certainly won't be complete without a mission. Besides the main mission, you will find additional missions in Lumia Saga. The mission in this game can not only be completed by fighting enemies or monsters alone. In fact, there are missions that you can complete with quite unique.

There is a mission that you can complete by gathering various plants. Then, there is also a mission that asks you to mix ingredients. Uniquely, there is a mission that assigns you to perform dancing. As the rhythm game, there are even buttons that you have to press when the character is dancing.

Many Features to Develop Character

Leveling is, of course, an important part of MMORPG, including Lumia Saga. The higher your level, the easier it will be for you to be able to complete various missions in this game. Sometimes, the leveling process can be boring for some players. However, you don't need to worry. There are various ways that you can choose to develop your character.

If you want to level the traditional way by killing as many monsters as possible, you can select the "Monster" section in the Adventure feature. Then, there is the Dungeon feature that can be adjusted to your character level. In addition, Lumia Saga also holds quite a lot of Daily Events at once.

In addition to increasing levels, you also need to increase your character's Life skills. Life Skills are divided into several professions. Well, you have to increase the level of each profession in different ways. For example, to raise the level of a botanist, you have to pick plants. Life Skills will certainly be useful for you to complete certain missions.

Strong Cute Visuals

From the start you opened the Lumia Saga page on the Google Play Store or the App Store, you certainly could have guessed if this game has a very strong cute nuance. By displaying a chibi-style character, this game indeed features a very kawaii art style.

Beyond the cute visual style, the graphic quality displayed by Lumia Saga is quite good. The movement of the characters and the effects of the skills that the characters emerge appear quite smoothly. Special again, this game also displays a cutscene several times with quality animation that cannot be underestimated.

Although it features cute visuals, it doesn't mean the audio that is displayed throughout the game is only dominated by cheerful sound effects. The sound that is displayed certainly follows the atmosphere of the game that you are facing. In addition, the presence of voice actors can also be heard throughout most of the conversation.

Can Run Missions Automatically

Running missions automatically seems to be commonplace in mobile MMORPGs. Lumia Saga did not miss adopting the combat system. Even though it can be run automatically, it doesn't mean you can't fight manually in this game.

Lumia Saga also provides analog controls and skill buttons which are placed at the bottom right of the screen. Laying and size of the analog and skill buttons are fairly fitting for the player's thumb. Well, if you choose to complete the mission manually, you can use the control system.

Lumia Saga is quite safe to play for those of you who don't like the microtransaction element in the game. If you don't have something urgent you want to get, you don't need to spend money on this game either. As long as you are diligently leveling through Dungeons, Adventure, and Daily Events, you can certainly reach a high level.

Lumia Saga is arguably a breath of fresh air among the many MMORPGs that have been released lately. By carrying out the Chibi art style, this game has the potential to be favored by many people. In addition to its art style, its various features can really please gamers who really like cute visual concepts.

In this game, you will find Action features that can make your characters perform various funny moves. If the Photos feature on other mobile MMORPGs is just a simple slingshot, the Photo feature on Lumia Saga can make you modify the screen display that you want to capture.

For those of you who aren't too fond of cute art styles, it doesn't mean that Lumia Saga can't be played by you. If you can put aside the visual style, everything that this game has to offer, like story and combat, is quite exciting,