Seven Knights Arrival of a New Special Hero, Trude

For the first time, Netmarble brought the Mythical Awaken system to Seven Knights in early July. Mythical Awaken is Awaken's highest level and there are only two Heroes who can feel the benefits of Mythical Awaken, namely Dellons and Shane. Both of these Heroes will gain new skills and appearance if you successfully reach Mythical Awaken.


It seems that Netmarble will always present something special every month at Seven Knights. At the beginning of August, they announced that one of their flagship RPGs will be the arrival of the newest Special Hero named Trude.

Trude is a Hero of the Celestial Guardians who comes with a variety of skills. In addition, the Seven Knights are not only the arrival of a new Special Hero. The hero of the Dark Magic Research Tower, namely Sebastian, also gets a revamp update and is ready to join the battle with a variety of new skills.

In addition, Seven Knights also introduced a new Raid system in this update. Players can complete new Raid to get items, gems, and accessories. Then, there is an Extra Raid that appears randomly during the Raid. Extra Raid will give additional rewards to the players.

New Auto-Clear Adventure is also added and is available 100 times per day for players. In addition, players can now also upgrade items to Dragon Items. Although you get a variety of new things, it turns out there is content that was deleted through this update. The deleted content is World Boss and Smart Mode.

This update will certainly not be complete without various Celebration Events. You will find a variety of Event Check-ins, such as the Special Jumping Check-in Board, Trude Celebration Check-in Board, and various other events that offer abundant prizes.

Don't forget to update your Seven Knights so you can get new things present in this game.