Super Cool New Skin Leaks at PUBG Mobile Season 8

PUBG Mobile Season 8 will be coming soon. Well, in this new season there are certainly many new ones. One of them is a new skin.

Super Cool New Skin Leaks at PUBG Mobile Season 8

In this latest season, the theme taken is Power of the Ocean with octopus tentacle logos.
Here are the latest skins in season 8.

1. AWM and M24 sniper weapon skin

Two sniper weapons will get a new skin, namely AWM and M24. AWM skin looks creepy with a dull cloth wrapping. While M24 get light-colored skin, yellow, blue and white.

2. UZI

UZI also get a new skin that has a bright color. The design is similar to the M24 skin.

3. SLR

This Sniper Rifle weapon also gets a new skin with a combination of yellow and green.

4. Crossbow

Crossbow weapons get unique skins. Yes, in the end, there are hammerhead sharks.

5. Vehicle skin, UAZ, PG-117, and Aquarail

UAZ off-road vehicles get two new skins. First orange skin and red and white skin.

Boat vehicles also get a new skin with shark head patterns.
Then, the small boat Aquarail found in Sanhok, Miramar and Erangel get light blue skin.

6. Skin clothing

There are three new clothes at PUBG Mobile Season 8. First a blue short-sleeved cloak and white and black long-sleeved cloak.

The third dress is a black leather shirt and ornamentation of thorns on the shoulders.

7. Skin bag

In this latest season, there are many skin bags that are presented, both for level 1, level 2 and level 3 bags.

8. Parachute skin

Parachutes also get the latest skin. Yes, the skin is in the form of the S8 logo which marks Season 8.a