Take a Peek at the First Trailer of the Digimon ReArise Android Game!

Are you also one of the fans of the Digimon game series? Good news for you, because Bandai apparently prepared a lot of new games that will come soon.

Take a Peek at the First Trailer of the Digimon ReArise Android Game!

Besides Digimon Survive, it turns out that Bandai Namco has prepared an ARPG-themed game. the game in question is the Reimrise Digimon which has just released its first trailer. Let's take a peek of the following snippet first!

In the trailer, you can see a number of Digimon starters such as Agumon, Dorumon, Kudamon, Salamon, and Elecmon. It is unclear whether the Rookie Digimon will be an option for players in the early stages of the game later. At least we can think of some Digimon evolution that can be developed from the Rookie.

In July, the Digimon ReArise was first released for Japan. For the global edition, there is no official date yet for Bandai Namco but ReArise will reportedly be released globally in 2019. Some speculate that this game will be released close to the closing of the server from DigimonLinkz.

In Reimrise Digimon it is said that the player will meet many enemies called Spirals. This is considered to be very unique because some of the antagonists that appear are usually identified by the Virus code. From its form, Spirals seem to have a connection with the apocalypse Digimon antagonist, Apocalymon. Will this be proven when the game is released later?

For now, Digimon ReArise has opened a pre-registration period that you can access via the following link. For those of you who are waiting for this game, immediately register yourself so that you don't miss it when the application can be installed later. There will be a kind of reward for those of you who register this pre-registration period.

What do you think of the presence of Digimon ReArise? Are you one of the Digimon fans waiting for this game or not interested?