The 5 best heroes in Mobile Legends in August 2019

Moonton launches new heroes in Season 13 Mobile Legends. Yes, these new heroes are here to complete the collection of heroes in Mobile Legends who have different and unique abilities. Well, this time I will discuss the 5 best heroes in Mobile Legends in August 2019. Want to know anyone? 

The 5 best heroes in Mobile Legends in August 2019

1. X.Borg

Hero X.Borg has exceptional durability and is equipped with excellent physical endurance despite getting nerf on 20 August 2019. Nerf is doing is reducing the HP of X.Borg when getting armor after blowing himself up with his Ultimate. 

You can use X.Borg as a prime Pusher by emphasizing Build Attack or playing as a Tank with a Build Tanker that causes his Ultimate Damage to multiply.

In addition, his Burst Damage produced by Flame Thrower also provides total penetration in terms of damage, so it is not reduced by any armor. Isn't it fun to play fire with technology?

2. Leomord

Hero with this one Fighter role can not be denied is still entrenched to be one of the Meta Hero who is able to reverse the situation even in a losing position.

His ultimate who summoned Barbiel certainly made his physical and magical endurance increase dramatically. Make sure 1-2 Leomord core items are ready before you enter the War to minimize losses. With only that capital, you can fearlessly play brutally even if you are beaten by 5 people at once.

3. Guinevere

This agile woman with the role of Mage / Fighter is certainly still one of the defending champions in the Land of Dawn. The brutal speed and damage produced by Guinevere remain one of the favorites despite the release of many new heroes.

Not to mention, his skill 2 which gives the Blink effect can make you easily to Dive in the opponent's turret though.

Make sure you always make Concentrated Energy for Guinevere, because this item is the most and very important item for Guinevere to activate his passive and it's not easy to make him go back and forth Base just filling up HP.

4. Esmeralda

This one hero is also very often used by both professional players and ordinary players in both Ranking Match and Classic Match. The physical and magical defense that Esmeralda has is certainly a gift from his Tank Role.

In addition, the white blood that is not inexhaustible makes it always able to Absorb all damage that goes into him. If Esmeralda is equipped with Tank items, imagine the terrible damage from each hit and his skills. Awful huh.

5. Martis

Last but not least, the king of Ashura returned to the list of the best heroes of Mobile Legends in August 2019. His skill 2, which could be said to be anti Crowd Control, made Martis able to easily avoid all of his opponent's skills.

In addition, Ultimate that can be Spammed without using any items makes Martis one step ahead of heroes in its class. Make sure you are level 4 for Roaming and use 1-2 Core Items before you initiate War so that Martis can survive during Team Fight.