The Best Assault Rifle You Must Try

As a battle royale game, there are many choices of weapons that players can try. Free Fire, for example, has several different Assault Riffle choices that players can use in the game. There are times when the choice of this weapon will form a certain style of play. Choosing weapons isn't as easy as looking for damage, but you also have to consider other abilities.

The Best Assault Rifle You Must Try

Curious about which Assault Rifle weapons can you choose in Free Fire? Check out the following choices from me, let's go!

5. XM8

Although this unique weapon called XM8 has less damage than other ARs, it can be a choice for those of you who target enemies from afar. By default, this weapon gets an additional sight similar to 2x scope so it can aim more accurately. If you happen to meet in an open field, this weapon can be really pocketed first.


Lack of Assault Riffle compared to weapons such as Sub Machine Gun is at the rate of fire or the ability to shoot many bullets. FAMAS, for example, can only shoot in a burst, but this weapon can kill very quickly. Towards the end of the game, FAMAS can still be used and depends on the ability of players to use this weapon to the maximum.

3. M4A1

Can not be denied, the M4A1 weapon or commonly called Maverick is a very superior weapon. Have a flat ability to make this weapon suitable for playing far or near. Don't think twice about leaving this weapon because it is quite rare. You only need to try to fulfill the accessories so that the maximum ability can come out.

2. AK

Besides M4A1, the choice of AK can be quite tempting. Assault Riffle has more damage than M4A1, but the recoil is quite volatile. For this reason, AK users are usually players who are more confident or have capable abilities. Although there are fewer accessories, a plain AK can kill one squad with one bullet clip if every attack hits an opponent.

1. Groza

When it comes to the best Assault Riffle, of course, Groza is a non-negotiable choice. Special weapons that can only be obtained from the supply box are indeed special because they have large damage and a fairly stable recoil. If an experienced player holds this weapon, he will most likely get Booyah towards the end of the game!