The right way to deal with X.Borg

Just a week present on the battlefield of the Land of Dawn, X.Borg has been greatly feared by Mobile Legends players. All because of the power that is very overpowered (OP), both from the attack and the ability to defend.

The right way to deal with X.Borg

At this time, he entered one of the "unclean" heroes. If not banned, he will become the first pick and bring victory to the team. The proof, as of this article's release, X.Borg became the Hero with the best win rate in Ranking mode (57.2%).

Maybe you are among those who have felt how annoying it is to deal with the "handyman" on this one. Well, so I'm not sorry anymore, the tips below might be your reference to be superior when facing X.Borg. Enjoy listening!

1. Avoid Armor Mode

X.Borg is a Hero who is quite difficult to kill. The reason is, he has two battle conditions that allow him to have additional armor.

Additional armor is obtained while he is in Armor Mode. During that mode, all kinds of damage received by X.Borg will not directly enter the original body.

These conditions make it has very good durability during the battle. For that, as enemies, you must keep a safe distance and avoid it while Armor Mode is active.

The level of defense is not as big as Hero Tank. However, it is even more effective if you prioritize attacks for other heroes who clearly have lower endurance.

2. Fishing Skill Ultimate

The Last Insanity skill became a finishing move that could be said to be quite terrifying. X.Borg can shoot flames around him for 3 seconds, then blow himself up to deal very high burst damage.

It is better to maintain a safe distance from the bursts of fire as long as this skill is active. Let him blow himself up. Because, after the skill is finished, X.Borg will lose his Armor and become Armorless mode.

If you manage to keep your distance and are not affected by damage, you will also benefit. Because X.Borg Armorless mode is easy to conquer. In this condition, you must finish him off as soon as possible.

Good momentum in teamwork is needed in this condition. So, make sure your team understands skill rotation and good attacks to kill X.Borg in that critical period.

3. Beware of Fiagra Supply

Fiagra Supply is one of the keys to the durability of a rebel cyborg. By getting Fiagra Supply, X.Borg will easily regenerate the Armor and HP needed.

Fiagra Supply can be obtained when the enemy is exposed to hot temperatures which are at their highest point. To ensure that, X.Borg usually spamming the Fire Missile skill in sequence.

Fiagra Supply that you produce must be aware of. The reason is, by getting Fiagra Supply, he can immediately restore his cellphone.

Therefore, always make sure there are no monsters or enemies who have a high-temperature level to drop Fiagra Supply. By minimizing the amount of Fiagra Supply obtained, you can conquer X.Borg much more easily.

One way to keep him from getting Fiagra Supply is to immobilize him with stun and the like. When paralyzed, you have to beat him up before he uses his burnt to get Fiagra Supply.

4. Beware of True Damage

His ability to rely on the element of fire makes X.Borg has a game mechanism that is quite unique. He was equipped with hot temperatures for spraying fire at his enemy.

When the hot temperature is at its highest point, the X.Borg flame bursts into true damage. This condition must be anticipated. Because True Damage is the most painful type of damage in the game.

To anticipate that condition, you only need to maintain a safe distance as long as he activates the Fire Missile skill. As long as you are not hit by the Fire Missile skill, the damage you will receive will not be of type True Damage, but only Physical Damage.

If you are hit by the Fire Missile skill, you must take into account and continue to pay attention to the heat you receive. In essence, do not let you continue to Peradeniya when the temperature is at its highest point.

5. Kill when Armorless!

X, Borg is known to have the ability to survive well. That is because of the Firaga Armor skill (passive). This passive skill makes him have two fighting modes, namely Armor Mode and Armorless Mode.

Armor mode makes X.Borg has an additional defense which makes it very difficult to kill. The armorless mode is just the opposite because it puts it in a critical position.

During Armorless Mode, he doesn't have a good enough defense. These conditions can be maximized to kill him quickly.

You can force X.Borg to enter Armorless Mode by luring him to issue his ultimate. Not only that, but you can also beat him until his Armor (defense) runs out.