The Story of the Birth of Hero X.Borg in Mobile Legends

Land of Dawn is now heating up after the birth of hero X.Borg in Mobile Legends in early August 2019. His terrible ability makes other hero users in Mobile Legends confused against him.

The Story of the Birth of Hero X.Borg in Mobile Legends

This half-robot human has terrible and passive damage that makes him immune to attacks from other heroes.

However, behind its over-power (OP) power, it turns out there is a bitter story experienced by X.Borg in the past. What is the painful story of Hero X.Borg in Mobile Legends when he became a normal human? And how was his struggle to save himself from the deadly fire of Erudition?

This sad story starts from a small village located not far from the City of Technology. X.Borg starts his days by working as a farmer as his livelihood. 

Even though he was a farmer, his interest in technology did not discourage him to continue to study and read books from the city of Eruditio to continue to impress his curiosity. 

Until one day, the trials of Eruditio's scientists conducted near the village field went wrong and led to a massive explosion. The explosion also burned down the village where he lived.

Race against death, the fire brigade's help arrives at the village inhabited by X.Borg. None of the residents in the village survived. Only a young man survived but had a very severe burn. Yes, he is X.Borg.

Eruditio's medical and scientists fought their utmost to save X.Borg's life. Scientists by all means implanted all devices so that this young child could be saved.

Eventually, the young man was rescued, but with 1001 devices installed to replace his damaged organs.

After being treated for a month at the Eruditio Hospital, X.Borg finally came to his senses and asked why his body was fitted with various technological aids.

Confused and sad, the doctor finally told him about the incident that had befallen his village due to the act of the Eruditio scientist. Suddenly, X.Borg went berserk at the hospital and promised to destroy all the technology in the city of Eruditio as revenge for the villagers that had been burned by Eruditio.