This is the Rows of Characters that Appear in Birdie Crush!

Com2us, the company that presents Summoners War, Ace Fishing and Golf Star, is now preparing to launch their latest casual golf game entitled Birdie Crush. When compared to other Com2us sports games, Birdie Crush displays characters inspired by anime plus casual gameplay.


Because inspired by the anime, Birdie Crush displays a variety of unique and cute characters to accompany your journey to becoming a professional golfer. Well, before the game is released, we first get to know the various characters in this game. So, you can determine your chosen character once the game is released.

First, Kris is said to be the only child of the Lowell Family. In addition, he is also the best idol in the Delion Bridge school. Initially, he was not interested in golf, but everything changed when he met with Erin.

Secondly, there is Martina who is the most popular junior golf player. He was born with extraordinary talent and is also a hard worker. Like Kris, he also attended Delion Bridge and became the youngest player to win the Golden Lion.

Third, there is Erin who is a child of the Country Club manager. He started to like golf after watching Martina's match. After that, he dreamed of becoming a golf star, like Martina.

Finally, there is Lucie who is told as the son of the headmaster of Delion Bridge. He is a genius and everyone has high hopes for him. However, everything changed when Erin appeared and that continued to disturb his mind.

At Birdie Crush, you can customize your character with various costumes that you can get as the game goes on.