This is what you will get in the latest Free Fire Update!

Free Fire is doing a massive update (8/14)! Because of the update, you can certainly not enter and play the game. Now, through this massive update, what, yes, will Garena add to its flagship battle royale game?


After Garena finishes doing this big update, you will get the newest character named A124. The character reportedly has a special ability to convert Energy Points into Health Points. With A124, you don't need to worry if you run out of Med Kit while fighting.

In addition to new characters, you can also get the latest 4v4 mode titled Clash Squad. In that mode, you and three teammates can exclaim while defeating an enemy team that also contains four people.

Garena will make you more fun before starting the battle. Garena will add DJ Booth and dance floor at Starter Island. So, you can party first before fighting.

New things that will come to Free Fire don't stop there. Later in Rank mode, you can find a Repair Kit, items that can repair your damaged armor. Besides the Repair Kit, you can also find Hot Zone in Rank mode. The zone is useful for telling you where high-quality loot is located.

Garena also promises to improve the quality of graphics in the Bermuda map. Then, the damage you get from the Toxic Zone will also be reduced. You will also get a new loading screen when you log in and enter the lobby.