tips can be Title Commando in PUBG Mobile

Who is the PUBG Mobile player who likes to chase titles? Have you gotten the Commando title on PUBG Mobile yet? Yes, Commando is the most difficult title to get.
tips can be Title Commando in PUBG Mobile

 Why difficult? Because to get it you have to win 50 solo matches in the Platinum rank or above without using a helmet, vest, and bag.

Difficult? It is clear. But to get the Commando title is not something that is impossible to obtain.

Well, for those of you who are curious to get a Commando title, here are some easy tips to get a Commando title in PUBG Mobile, as reported by Sportskeeda. Come, see below:

1. Must disable Auto Pick-up

Because you cannot wear helmets, vests, and bags, you must turn off the auto pick-up feature, because if you use these features, all items will be collected automatically.

To turn off the feature the easy way, you enter the Settings menu then select Pick-up and turn off the auto.

2. Choose a stable weapon

You should choose the best weapon that can quickly finish off enemies. One of the weapons is the Assault Riffle M416 weapon.

Yes, these weapons can kill enemies quickly and do not need to spend a lot of bullets. M416 can also be used to shoot from a great distance.

3. Save items

Now, because you can't use bags, bring only items that are necessary. You should divide all items equally, ranging from bullets, drugs, and others.

For sniper weapons, of course, you don't need to carry a lot of bullets.

4. Use the vehicle to be safe

To minimize your safety, you should use a vehicle to go to your destination.

In addition to saving time, vehicles can also be a place where you take refuge from enemy attacks.

5. Do not lust attack, safety first

Well, because you don't have any protection, starting from the helmet and vest, then you will definitely be easily defeated by the enemy.

So, you should prioritize safety by choosing to ambush the enemy off guard and not choose to attack.