Tips for Enemy Fishing on PUBG Mobile, Can Get Lots of Kill

In the Battle Royale PUBG Mobile game, you must have qualified skills in order to get Chicken Dinner. Yes, the way to keep practicing. Well, this time I will limit PUBG Mobile tips.

 Tips for Enemy Fishing on PUBG Mobile, Can Get Lots of Kill

But, besides having skills, there are other factors that make you GG in PUBG Mobile, which is to think creatively to be able to fool the enemy.

This time I will share your creative thinking for fishing enemies in PUBG Mobile. What should you do?

1. Make enemies chase you

The first way to lure enemies is to make enemies chase you. Well, when you see an enemy, immediately shoot the enemy and immediately run away to find shelter.

When the enemy chases and confused looking for your position, immediately kill the enemy. In this way, your position is stronger because you already know the position of the enemy.

2. Pretending to be BOT

To lure the enemy into coming, you can pretend to be a BOT. You do this by firing bullets one by one.

When the enemy feels that his opponent is BOT, you can immediately finish him immediately.

3. Do not immediately kill enemies who knockdown

When you succeed in making the enemy knockdown, don't immediately kill him. Let his friends come to treat and you can finish off his friends.

But, you have to stay alert because enemies who knockdown can tell your position to their friends.