Tips for Surviving at Bootcamp, the Topmost Place in Sanhok!

Who are the PUBG Mobile players who are often too soon when they get off at Bootcamp? Yes, one of the areas in the Sanhok map is indeed famous for being haunted, many players have landed at this location because they have good loot. Then, how to survive in Bootcamp?

 Tips for Surviving at Bootcamp, the Topmost Place in Sanhok!

Bootcamp is actually the best location for practicing close combat and stalking strategies of your opponent. Just a little wrong, you can back to lobby.

For those of you who are often too soon on Bootcamp, here are tips for survival on PUBG Mobile Bootcamp. 

1. Always monitor minimap

When in Bootcamp the main key to finding out the enemy position is to pay attention to minimap.
Yes, you don't need to panic while in Bootcamp, stay calm and look at minimap to find out the enemy position.

2. Keep moving quickly

Bootcamp has several buildings that have windows. Here you have to be fast in making movements so that the enemy has difficulty shooting you.

Keep moving will also save you when the enemy will shoot at you from building windows.

3. Choose the best weapon

While in Bootcamp try you have the best weapons. Why do you need the best weapons? Because if you don't get the best weapon, then you will have difficulty crippling the enemy.

Well, if you have trouble getting the best weapons, then you should play it safe by not attacking enemies.

4. Use Auto Pick-up

The important auto pick-up feature you use to make it easier to get weapons. With the auto pickup feature, you can move quickly to avoid enemy attacks.

5. Memorize the Bootcamp area

Bootcamp is a location that has a large area in the Sanhok map. Yes, there are lots of buildings to explore in order to get the best loot.

Well, try to memorize every location in Bootcamp so you can know where to go when in a position of being attacked by enemies.