Tips for Using M16A4 Weapons on PUBG Mobile, Deadly!

Who is the PUBG Mobile player who doesn't like M16A4 weapons? Wow, you are wrong, you know. This is one of the deadliest weapons! Then, what are the tips for using M16A4 weapons in PUBG Mobile?

Tips for Using M16A4 Weapons on PUBG Mobile, Deadly!

In fact, this is a military weapon for US troops. Again, for those of you who often play military or FPS games, you will often hear the term "M16".

Also popular in the film Rambo, M16A4 is very reliable in crippling enemies. Firing rate and damage are large, and the range is quite far, making this weapon targeted by the players.

M16A4 is an Assault Rifle type weapon that has a 5.56 mm bullet and can be fitted with muzzle, sight, and mag.

Well, for those of you who don't know how to use this weapon, following Skyegrid Media give tips on using M16A4 weapons at PUBG Mobile. Come on, listen!

1. How to shoot a burst

M16A4 weapons are weapons that have two shooting modes, burst and single. Well, for burst mode there is a way to shoot so that the weapon is stable.

Yes, you should not press the firing button too often, because the more often and faster you shoot the direction of your shot will move away from the target.

2. Very deadly at close range

Burst shooting technique is difficult. But, if you train it, burst mode can be very deadly at close range.

This weapon is very deadly when you do Peak and Fire while taking cover. The enemy is guaranteed to be paralyzed immediately.

3. Can be a sniper weapon

Besides being very deadly at close range, the M16A4 turns out to be a sniper weapon.

Well, to make it a sniper weapon, you can attach a 4X or 6X scope. To reduce recoil when becoming a sniper weapon, you should prone while aiming at enemies.