Tips for Using Micro UZI Weapons on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players must already know about Micro UZI weapons, right? Yes, this SMG type weapon is small in shape, but the damage is very painful and deadly.

Tips for Using Micro UZI Weapons on PUBG Mobile
Now, do you know how to use this weapon to make it even scarier? Here are tips on using Micro UZI weapons at PUBG Mobile. 


1. Keep shots off

Micro UZI is the weapon that has the fastest firing rate on all weapons in PUBG Mobile. This firing rate makes the weapon run out of bullets faster.

So, when you shoot enemies with UZI, make sure you do not miss, because your bullets will quickly run out and the enemy can attack you back.

2. Cannot use Scope

Unfortunately, Micro UZI is a weapon that cannot be paired with Scope. Because this weapon is indeed for close combat.

To overcome the absence of Scope, then you must use Iron Sight that has been embedded in UZI. Try practicing using Iron Sight so that your shots don't miss.

3. Always pay attention to the number of bullets

Now, because this weapon has a fast firing rate and runs out of bullets fast, you should always pay attention to the number of bullets. 

Use Magazine Extended to increase the number of bullets and always reload bullets when going to fight with enemies. The goal is that you do not run out of bullets.

4. Use for close combat

Micro UZI has a high firing rate advantage making this weapon very deadly. While the disadvantage is not having a scope.

So, you should use this weapon for the beginning of the game that has a lot of close combat. We recommend that you combine it with Assault Riffle weapons in battle until the end of the game.