Tips for Using QBU Weapons on PUBG Mobile

Who likes to use sniper weapons in PUBG Mobile? Now, when you play in the Sanhok map, one of the snipers you can find is the QBU weapon. Yes, this weapon only exists in Sanhok.

 Tips for Using QBU Weapons on PUBG Mobile

But, usually, many players are reluctant to use QBU. One reason is that this weapon doesn't 'hurt' when shooting your opponent.

Well, actually QBU is a terrible sniper weapon, you know. Here we give good tips on using QBU weapons at PUBG Mobile. 

1. Able to issue bullets quickly


QBU is a sniper weapon that only has a single firing mode. But, the advantage of QBU is that it can shoot very fast.

If you keep pressing the firing button, this weapon can throw up bullets quickly and have quite a lot of ammo.

2. Have a bipod or stand to reduce recoil

Senjata QBU di PUBG Mobile

Another advantage of QBU is that it has a bipod or stand when used when the player prone.

With this stand, the recoil of this weapon will decrease and its accuracy is increased.

3. Use the Suppressor and Flash Hider type Muzzle

Senjata QBU di PUBG Mobile

Why should you use suppressor and flash hider? Because when you use QBU while doing a prone, then you can easily be shot by the enemy.

By using suppressors and flash hiders, your position will be difficult to detect by the enemy.

4. Combine with Assault Rifle or SMG weapons

When you use QBU, then you must have a second weapon type Assault Rifle or SMG. The goal is that you can do battle in close range.

Yes, this sniper is hard to use when doing close combat. So you should also bring Assault Rifle or SMG weapons.