Tips for Using a Shotgun To Get a Headshot on Free Fire

Who are the Free Fire players who have difficulty using the Shotgun? Yes, this weapon is indeed difficult to use, because to paralyze the enemy must be right on target or in the direction of a headshot. next time I will discuss tips for using a shotgun for a headshot.

 Tips for Using a Shotgun To Get a Headshot on Free Fire

Using shotgun weapons is also very high risk, especially if you have to fight with SMG and Assault Rifle types. This weapon only issues one bullet, while another can have several bullets.

If your shot is not on target, it is almost certain that you will be paralyzed by the enemy.
Well, for those who have difficulty using the Shotgun. Here are some tips for using a shotgun so that the headshot in Free Fire. 

1. Adjust the sensitivity as comfortable as possible

The first thing you do when using a shotgun is to determine its sensitivity. You can practice targeting the target so you can hit the target or headshot.

To set it up you can go to the Settings menu and then to sensitivity. Here you adjust it to match your style of play.

2. Shoot the enemy at close range

Shotgun weapons are very effective at close range. So, when you know the enemy's position, immediately quietly approach it and immediately shoot to paralyze it.

When you use a shotgun at a distance it will be very difficult, especially when fighting with SMG weapons.

3. Jumpshot to be able to headshot

The powerful secret so that a shotgun can headshot is by shooting with a jump shot technique. Yes, this technique has a great chance the shotgun bullet landed right on the enemy's head.

Of course to do this technique you have to practice often.