Tips GG Granger

Armed with a combination of painful damage and agility, Granger became a favorite hero in the Mobile Legends match. This Hero Marksman is indeed difficult to predict so that the enemy becomes dizzy dealing with it.

Tips GG  Granger

1. Diligent Farming

Enter the Marksman heroes, Granger has painful damage in Mobile Legends . Especially if all the items have been collected. Therefore, the Emperor stressed that it is obligatory to do farming so that the items needed are quickly collected.

Keep in mind, even though the Marksman hero has sick damage, they don't have thick HP. So you have to stay alert in farming. Do not get carried away with emotions and end up dying in vain.

"You have to be diligent in farming because Granger enters the Marksman hero who really needs items that can add to the pain of his damage,"

2. Pay Attention to Farming Routes

To do farming, you must have a good route. This is also useful to accelerate to get Gold that is useful for buying items that are needed.

To determine a good farming route, you must master map war, which means you must know the current or imminent position of the war. Because there will be times when your energy is needed to help the war.

Actually, it is possible if you don't have a farming route. However, you will take a long time to be able to fulfill the items that Granger needs.

"You have to have a good map war so that your farming route is right. If you already have a route, your items are guaranteed to be able to quickly, "

3. Maximize Build Items

To make Granger a killing machine, you have to make the right build items for it. You also have to understand every item needed by this Hero to be more effective in farming.

According to the Emperor, you can start by buying a jungle item called Hunter's Knife. These items can receive an additional 30% EXP from jungle monsters while adding damage to monsters.

If you choose the wrong items, Granger's potential won't come out optimally. This also affects the minimal damage produced. Of course, it becomes an irony since this Hero is known for its large damage.

"To make the damage worse, you have to build the right items. If the build is wrong, later playing will not be effective, "

4. Adjust the position properly

The small durability requires you to be smart to adjust your position when using Granger. The Emperor recognizes the distance of the Hero's attack even further thanks to his ultimate skill. However, it does not rule out the possibility of you getting stabbed while in war.

The speed of your hands also greatly influences the movement of the Hero. In addition, the Emperor suggested not to be carried away by emotions to chase the enemy to the back. Because maybe you get into a trap and will die in vain.

"You have to be good at managing your position. Even though they have blurry skills, Granger is still easy to catch. So, don't be emotional and chase the enemy back. Speed ​​of the hand also needs to be considered to be able to strike the enemy, "

5. Understand the Skills Granger has

Granger is a difficult hero for you to master. For that, before you use this hero, try to understand every skill he has. This is so that you can determine the right items.

Different from Hero Marksman in general, Granger relies more on his skills than Basic Attack. This situation also makes you have to choose items of type Spell Vamp rather than Lifesteal.

Even so, the Emperor also wants you not to forget Basic Attack when using Granger. The reason is, based on the mechanism of his passive skill, the Basic Attack's sixth attack will definitely produce critical damage

In addition, the Emperor using Granger does not require special combos to be able to kill his enemy. As long as you can position the attack correctly, the attack is guaranteed to be right on target.

"To be able to use Granger, you have to understand every skill it has. Especially about the passive skill mechanism that makes his sixth attack really painful, "